Is Oxford unsafe for Hindus? Pt Satish K Sharma explains

Rashmi Samant - an Engineering student pursuing her Masters in Oxford, decides to run for Oxford Student Council. Not only does she win, but she also wins by a margin of two-thirds for the President of the Council. And that is when the Left-ecosystem stepped in to pour vitriol. So traumatized was Samant that she resigned her post and returned back to India. Pt. Satish K Sharma details this and the next steps.


  1. This is partly our fault: why are we paying for our bright and brightest to go to to institutions that are against our people?

    Why are we blindly supporting colleges which are not in our best interest?

    If you have 529 plans, move it to a Roth or regular savings account and spend the money on colleges that are supportive.

    This is nonsense. Stop funding those who want to destroy us.

  2. It is high time we “De-recognize” this “White Spremacy/Excellence” (mania) & recognized our EXCELLENCE & SUPERIORITY & behave accordingly. Also time we tell those D.. K Heads to get off. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. This Sarkar Guy needs to be punished as harsh as it could get so that no one in future dares to traumatize and harass any individual on the basis of his/her Ethnicity and Religion….Make him hang his boots…The Shameless part of a Hatred brigade….Sarkar you stink…


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