Is the spat between the top 2 in CBI new or are have these spats now come out in the open?

Right from the midnight appointment of Asthana as Special Director CBI over the objections of the Director, Asthana's role has been controversial. A look at the functioning of the current govt and what Modi needs to do as the clock is running down.


  1. Sree Iyer has brought out so much information of corruption and mismanagement within the Indian system. Yet it seems that India is not listening. Still it is consoling that Sree Iyer and the host of people like Prof. Nalapat, Dr. Swamy, to mention a few, are true nationalist, fighting to keep India afloat. The rot is deep and the disease is apparently terminal. Sigh…what is going to happen to My India?

  2. Rajnath Singh is a sitting duck with no idea & only sulking in his dhoti. He has novision nor intelligence what it makes to be a Home Minister


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