J & K: How Long Do We Wait?

If the govt. does not act swiftly in J & K, future generations will read a different geography of India
If the govt. does not act swiftly in J & K, future generations will read a different geography of India

The gunning down of seven Amarnath yatris is not only an act of terror but also a severe indictment of the Modi government’s “policy.” The people of India have waited long enough and their patience is coming to an end. The dance of death in the Valley has got to be snuffed out now. Here is a seven-point to-do list for PM Modi if he is serious about wiping out Pak-inspired terrorism in J & K:

If Modi doesn’t act decisively now the next generation of Indians will have to order new geography text books.

  1. Withdraw the Most Favoured Nation status conferred on Pakistan within 24 hours;
  2. Arrest all leaders of Hurriyat quickly and put them on a quick trial on charges of sedition;
  3. Scrap Article 370 because it effectively counters our rightful claim that J & K is an integral part of India. There will be a legal challenge for sure. But that can be neutralized legally;
  4. Pull out of the Mufti govt. It is not serving any useful purpose in any case;
  5. Hand over the entire state to the army and give it a free hand with a brief to create a terror-free state asap;
  6. Bring back the Pandits to the Valley. Give them back their homes and their dignity;
  7. Convert J & K into a Hindu majority state by incentivising people to settle in that state.

I know it is not easy to implement this five-point agenda. But then Modi HAS to implement it if Kashmir is not to slip out of our hands.

China has already dropped sufficient hints that it would send it’s army to the Valley if invited by Islamabad. In any case, Pakistan has effectively surrendered its sovereignty by welcoming the CPEC. With the successful completion of this mega project, the Red Army can reach our western border at short notice.

Let us learn a lesson from the Chinese from the way they handled Tibet crisis. Beijing kept international critics at bay and went about bringing about a demographic sea change in the province. No one takes the aging Dalai Lama seriously anymore. Tibet is today firmly a part of China.

We should similarly make J & K a firm part of India. If Modi doesn’t act decisively now the next generation of Indians will have to order new geography text books.

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  1. This is an absolutely practical solution. It’s high time BJP contemplates this issue with all seriousness & tries for a permanent tangible solution. As a prerequisite for any tough action, they shud immedtly wriggle out of the J&K Govt as ruling partners. Also, any action that needs to be taken has to be done before the situation reaches a point of no return, which we hope is not yet reached. With BJP literally having a brute majority & people’s mandate, they should use this position to the fullest advantage. We look fwd to some proactive & out of the box action, for which NaMo has become synonymous.

  2. Abs practical soln & deserves serious contemplation & immediate implementation. BJP mst take it on their Agenda. Before the situation reaches a point of no return (Hopefully it has not reached) , steps must be taken to bring a lasting tangible solution to this burning issue created by our political Founding ‘Father’. As BJP has a massive mandate, it should use this to advantage & move fwd to restore Kashmir to its rightful owner, India. Last, but not the least, BJP shud withdraw their association with the Local Govt ASAP & take on this Bull by the Horn.

  3. An abs practical soln. Needs serious contemplation & immediate implementation. It’s high time this is taken on BJP’s agenda. Before it reaches a point of no return
    (Hopefully not yet reached) , let us hit the root of the malady. Also, clinging.on to the J&K Govt as a ruling partner is a frivolous effort. Let us look fwd to some immediate proactive steps by Modi Team. They now have the majority to bring about a lasting & tangible solution & hope we will not be disappointed.

  4. Good decision and government should be apply this if we not handle j&k then not many days then west bengal and other states suffered from radical islam so we can ignore this

  5. Threat not only limited to Kashmir wherever they r in majority showing true colors. What happened in Bashirhat, W.B., and Kerala, UP, Bihar an eye opener to all Indians. Govt should plan proactively and do
    to arrest these things. Otherwise Hindus become orphans in their own and one and only country for them.

  6. I agree remove 370 immediately and with the help of army setup as many as PSUs with the active participation of Kashmiri Pandits and Hindus from all across The country
    And would like to tell our prime minister to be as you were . Need not to convert yourself into gandhi image and don’t expect Nobel peace prize.
    Otherwise you will loose everything and the situation will be दुविधा में दोनों गए……..

  7. Please follow isreal model. Govt should encourage Hindu settlements in Kashmir valley and make Muslim’s minority in numbers. Then start ethnic cleansing of this so called separatists.

  8. unfortunately, the author, as do all hindu leaders, overlook the low hanging fruit: stop the samjauta trains.
    if you don’t hit the pakistanis in the pocket book you are not going to get results. you have had so many reasons and so opportunities for it in past many years, but security- challenged hindus just fail every single time. of course, this includes those hindu leaders as well who remind us often with considerable pain and sadness about prithviraj chauhan letting the enemy go scot free 17 times.
    one more time: stop the pakistani train and bus traffic into india immediately or let terror go on.

  9. Good but tough suggestions. Bot then it’s not easy to bring down militancy with easier choices. Time to act tough n keep human rights activists at bay


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