Lavanya A 12th Std Girl Ends Life Post-Torture to Convert to Christianity I Ban Conversion Now

Tamil Nadu and Kerala should follow the example of Karnataka and ban religious conversions now, says Sree Iyer. In addition, there should be incentives to report attempts even after the law is passed to deter this practice.

In an appalling incident which has come to light lately from Tamil Nadu’s Thanjavur, M Lavanya a 17-year-old girl succumbed to mental torture by the warden after she was asked to clean all the rooms and forced conversion to Christianity.

The girl drank pesticide after which she was admitted to the hospital, but no treatment worked and the victim died in due course.

After interrogation, police found out that the boarding school warden had harassed the girl and forced her to convert to Christianity.

A video has come to light in which the girl confessed that she was constantly scolded and also made to clean all the rooms in the hostel by the hostel warden. The girl said that she was also constantly forced to take up Christianity.


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