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India can learn a thing or two from Pakistan on the art of conducting war in peacetime

India can learn a thing or two from Pakistan on the art of conducting war in peacetime
India can learn a thing or two from Pakistan on the art of conducting war in peacetime

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]S[/dropcap]ee how Pakistan, which is a pigmy compared to India, is smartly screwing us. In Kashmir it made a huge flop of the Srinagar Lok Sabha by-election. Not satisified with that, it has ensured a postponement of the Anantnag bypoll. It’s agents are ensuring that obstacles are placed in the path of Indian armymen pursuing terrorists. It is getting schools burnt down. It opens fire on the border with impunity.

Pro-Pakistani slogans are chanted in the heart of Delhi. Businessmen close to Dawood Ibrahim are having a field day.

It has managed to attack our airforce bases, army cantonments and even our cities like Mumbai. Hundreds of our soldiers and civilians have been killed. Now our ex-naval officer is going to be hanged.

And what has been our response? Empty statements warning Islamabad of retaliation which never takes place. Our PM pays a surprise visit to Lahore to greet Nawaz Sharif on his birthday (and two days after that Pakistan attacks us in Pathankot). Recently the ICCR was a sponsor at a literary festival in Karachi. Pakistani artistes are welcome anytime.

Pro-Pakistani slogans are chanted in the heart of Delhi. Businessmen close to Dawood Ibrahim are having a field day. Dawood has allegedly bagged huge cluster real estate development projects through front organisations and he stands to rake in thousands of crores as profit. According to The Hindu, he still has a strong grip on Mumbai real estate with the D-Company stepping in to settle disputed properties. It’s business as usual for him. National security adviser Ajit Doval’s advice is countered by the Dawood lobby in Delhi. China and Pakistan are encircling us through the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. Terror camps continue to flourish on the soil of Pakistan. ISI agents are having a ball on the Bengal border.

It’s high time we learnt the art of conducting war during peacetime from Pakistan.

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Advocate and Senior Journalist who was formerly City Editor & Chief of Bureau of The Times of India, Mumbai. He has also served in the MumbaiMunicipal Council.
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  1. 1.What could be the top secret reason why Modi is not scrapping MFN? It was granted by India to the Pakis 20 yrs ago and they have not even reciprocated. India does not benefit in anyway by continuing with the status quo. And you dont required a majority in the Rajya Sabha to scrap the benefit conferred on Pak. It is indeed a matter of shame that we are persisting with the situation even as the Pakis are cocking a snook at us with great regularity.
    2. I bid for Dawood’s property in Bhendi Bazar near his erstwhile house despite several threats from the don based in Pakistan. The Mumbai police gave me security cover for several months. A shooter sent by Dawood to kill me was caught and is now lodged in Arthur Road jail. I lost Rs 30 lakh of EMD given for the auction.
    I suggested to Mr Modiji to convert D’s property into a police chowky. the PMO forwarded my letter to the Mumbai police which has concluded that there is no need for a police chowky. We are complaining to all and sundry in the world how Pak is harbouring the terror don. But it does not have the balls to convert his property into a police chowky. Maybe there is some reason for that which we ordinary mortals cannot decipher.
    3. Dr Swamy has urged Mr Modi to stop cement imports from Pakistan. No response. May be there is some secret reason for that also.
    4. Some have said that Modi has completed only half his tenure. Sure. But how long does it require to scrap MFN status, order a police chowky et al?

    Its time the NDA demonstrated that it is different from the UPA.

    • Good points for 2-3. For MFN, it might be advantageous from an appearance stand point. See here we are trying to improve relations and trade and you are not reciprocating, ect. But it’s fair to also say it’s been 20 years just cut everything off. But in the event you want to take covert action, building contacts through these business routes may prove valuable if that is what is taking place.

  2. Why is a two paragraph rant a featured article?
    Perhaps some the pseudo-intelectual properties of the commies at TOI have rubbed off (no personal offense is meant).
    What exactly were reporters and journalist saying after the Mumbai terror attacks? Did anyone come down on the UPA for not doing anything? Did anyone lament then PM Singhs inaction?
    How is what Pak is doing any worse than what they were doing during the 70 years of Anarchy with a brief interlude of facism (indra gahndi emergency) of Congress rule? The cries only come when a non Congress government is in power.
    Before asking us to learn from Pak the author might indulge us on the tangible strategic goals Pak has obtained from this strategy other than making the author rant like this. Have they gained territory, a key technology, more people?
    Give me a few hundred million dollars and I can turn those pro Pak solandierers into strippers. Do you want to stoop to their level of petty psychological warfare and start dumping dead pigs and ham into the Indus River?

    As far as breaking Mafias it takes time. Their has to be effort on the state and central level. Modi to a big step forward with demonstration. As large transactions particularly real-estate become digital, it will be harder for the land Mafias to survive. You also need a state government in office for several terms that is not compromised by the mafia. That has just started in Mumbai. Once Commander Krazywala and Asura Banerji are kicked out of office the pro pak stuff will come down.

    Last I checked CPEC is not a tran-osceanic road that hovers over the Indian Ocean, so I’m not sure how it encircles India. And the economic impact of CPEC is unknown. Even with modest resistance from Baloch and POK it may make it unlikable and sink China’s investment. Or the exploitation of the Pak locals by the Chinese may trigger a revolution that breaks Pak apart. Watch what happens when they see Chinese workers being imported for labor while the locals don’t get jobs.

    As far as firing across the LOC with impunity. This government has allowed retaliation like no past government causing Pak to beg for ceasefire on several occasions.
    No mention of how change in non first use policy in strategic weapons has affected Pak. No mention how the Chinese have stopped incursions in the north east because of Modis decisions.
    This PM is changing things. He has been in office for just over half a term and you expect him to wipout a chakra and kill all the demons in one swoop?
    Please let us move from pseudo-intelectual half truths to proper application of mind.

  3. When you have lot of internal enemies (who are nurtured for last 70 yrs) its difficult to clean up. good thing is at least clean up started now.
    Simple example: Most Favored Nation status to Pak. I don’t think Modi ji sitting in his office and thinking that zeeg… lets not touch that MFN thing. I am sure he must be having lot of other things to nail down before. slowly and surely he will take care.

    • on other hand Paki is a failed state and they live-off doles thrown at them by US and China. If not today, they will go bust pretty soon. Sometimes actions that might yield results quickly may turnout to be an adverse one in long run.


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