Life in the US campuses for students Holi fake narrative and Vivek Agnihotri talk

Listen to college students in the US universities explain how the atmosphere of fake narratives has taken over the campuses. The Vivek Agnihotri incident in Rutgers and the ridiculous opposition to Holi are some of the incidents mentioned and how they keep morphing into new entities. A must watch!


  1. Tell me again why we are putting 529 money into these universities? We need to pay attention to what philosophy these schools are propagating before spending our save for college money. This is nuts.

  2. Hats off Mr. Sree Iyer and PGurus for bringing out this awakening on how challenges unfold for Hindu students in establishing their rightful identity in US ( as an example perhaps) primarily due to the antagonist groups. One cannot help but reflect how the decades of silence about systematic and deliberate distortions and negations of a true valid history about India and its cultural values is affecting us today across the globe.The spirit to uphold our cultural identity should encompass much more among us wherever we live. Best way to revive this lost spirit at home or elsewhere is to unleash the potential of Hinduism in imparting wellness, providing solutions etc., in everyday life to everyone. Yoga is one such and there are many more in varied domains. A Hindu first has the passion for and knowledge of genuine Hinduism and disseminates these unbounded. Swami Vivekananda and many others had been the pioneers at different periods.

    Channels such as Pgurus, missions such as VHS, service platforms (seva dals), repertoire of scholarly analyses of Hinduism are a few examples of current resources for Hindu values. The renaissance is just beginning once again with a visible global reach.


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