Neutralising the enemies within, in Kashmir and elsewhere

As things stand today, Pakistan can be, and possibly will be, adequately taken care of.

Neutralising the enemies within, in Kashmir and elsewhere
Neutralising the enemies within, in Kashmir and elsewhere

What should be done to the internal enemies residing in Kashmir? We have been too soft on them, at the nation’s cost. It’s time this changes, not symbolically but drastically.


The Pulwama terror strike has angered the country and there are demands for befitting retribution, including the military. But there are some pacifists who, even now, favor a calmer approach — which essentially means that India should not take military action but merely depend on diplomatic efforts to counter Pakistan. Shockingly, there are also those who advocate, even in the backdrop of the dastardly attack, a scaling down of military action within Kashmir too. In this context, it would be informative to recall what Jawaharlal Nehru had said in a letter to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in June 1948. Although a pacifist, Nehru had referred to the great role the Indian Armed Forces had been playing in the region and the need for them to triumph over the enemy.

Today, there are elements in Kashmir who sing Pakistan’s tune, and they are being utilized by the enemy across the border. And such people are numerically more in number than those in the entire country put together.

The then Prime Minister had said: “ My dear Vallabhbhai — We fight to win and break the enemy. They fight to harass and annoy and cause us injury.” He also referred to the State forces in a not good light. And although his remark was prompted by his dislike for Maharaja Hari Singh who was the constitutional head then, it reflected on the necessity of the Army to keep pushing forcefully. He stated, “The only way to pull them (State forces) up is for the Indian Army to take complete control over these forces.”

The situation today is as bad. The Indian Army is being vilified by vested interests in Kashmir valley. It is not supposed to retaliate with the force that is needed when faced with mobs which hamper anti-terror operations. It is not supposed to fully implement security measures for fear that they would displease the Kashmiris there. One of the reasons for the Pulwama suicidal incident, in which about 40 Indian soldiers lost their lives, was that a private vehicle which had come into the convoy of CRPF personnel was not intercepted earlier. The interception of private vehicles in such cases had been discontinued when the Mehbooba Mufti government was in power, on the pretext that such checks anger the common citizens.

Nehru had squarely laid the blame for the grim situation in Kashmir at the Maharaja’s doorstep. But he was not willing to acknowledge the mischief that Sheikh Abdullah had been resorting to, with a view to winning his petty battle with the Maharaja. Sheikh Abdullah’s politics was significantly responsible for the mess in the valley. In a letter that Sardar Patel wrote to Nehru, the former came down hard on the Sheikh’s decision to hold a media briefing to vent his anger against the Maharaja. The Sardar told Nehru that it was “undignified and constitutionally improper for a Prime Minister (a title which Sheikh Abdullah held then of the State) to attack the constitutional head of his administration, knowing fully well that the latter is not in a position to defend himself or to retaliate.” Patel was also angered by Sheikh Abdullah’s insinuation that the Maharaja was exploiting his “strong friends” in India or that “he could buy friends”.

Yet another point that Sardar Patel made in that same letter is interesting, given the present context. “ Sheikh Sahib has also referred to certain people in India who believe in surrendering Kashmir to Pakistan. I should like to be enlightened who they are. As far as my information goes, there are many more of such people in Jammu and Kashmir State than in the whole of India put together.” Today, there are elements in Kashmir who sing Pakistan’s tune, and they are being utilized by the enemy across the border. And such people are numerically more in number than those in the entire country put together.

Patel was blunt in his assessment of the Sheikh’s conduct. He wrote to him: “Either the difficulties which you experience in India are formidable or they are not. If they are formidable, we have the right to be told what they are before you take the public into confidence. If they are not, they are hardly worthy of public notice.” Now, recall the statements that are frequently made today by leaders of mainstream regional parties that have a base in Kashmir — Kashmiris are unhappy with the Indian state; if India does not mend its ways, Kashmir could go to Pakistan; the Indian forces are killing innocent Kashmiris, etc.

Nehru’s blunders on Kashmir have been well recorded, but it was his unstinted support to Sheikh Abdullah — who had begun to talk of an ‘independent Kashmir’ after initially being a strong votary of its ‘accession’ to India, that encouraged the latter to play his politics which contributed to the worsening situation; later, the PDP led first by Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and later by Mehboob Mufti, followed suit.

As things stand today, Pakistan can be, and possibly will be, adequately taken care of. The question is: What should be done to the internal enemies residing in Kashmir? We have been too soft on them, at the nation’s cost. It’s time this changes, not symbolically but drastically.

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  1. Tame the media first and make it clear. Their job is limited to playing news and facts. Same for the business. if they are found meddling with politics that affect the nation, let the wrath of the state come on them and destroy them. With media and money not in hands of the mischievous, ignore the internal traitors and box them into irrelevance. A 3-5 year plan across the nation. Spare no one. A crook is a crook and treachery to the nation is same irrespective of which political line they tow.
    As for the army and armed resistance – Simple step across the country, make bearing of firearms (legal and illegal) outlawed. Within 3 months anyone with arms must surrender to the police and post that if found to be carrying arms – book them in for 25 years RI without exception. Any consideration for license must be processed only at the national level with complete endorsement by the State CM, State Secretary and the High Court Chief Justice to warrant the necessity. For every state which seeks more license, score a negative for the State’s DIG, Judiciary for their inability to provide protected environment by the state for the citizens.
    Mob violence and Arson – Trial must be completed within 2 weeks and imprisonment upto 10 years. Any party seeking a bandh must seek approval from DM who shall approve it only if Bank Guarantee for potential losses to public property & Fees equal to the amount of economic loss suffered for the days is paid to the exchequer. Every other bandh is illegal and the party organising it will lose its status to fight elections and the party leaders(official leadership) unable to participate in any election for the next 5 years at the very minimum
    No trial in the country must be allowed to be prolonged beyond a year. For cases where trial goes beyond a year, every person in the prosecution, investigation and judiciary must be given a negative for promotion. For every case that goes beyond, the judge/ investigative team must lose that year’s opportunity list for promotion. Come ruthlessly for delays
    Any religious institution getting its interest into politics and spreading hate must be closed. Fear of punishment is zero in India for the well connected esp in politics. This must change
    When have we pushed a politician who spreads hate into prison last? Never. When have we put a hate or fake news spreading mediamen/ owner into prison last? Never..
    Do that systematically with no bias and having only national allegience as corner stone. In 6 months you will see things improving dramatically. Do not allow human rights and fundamental rights argument to shield crooks
    The argument are simple and straight – no one person’s fundamental right can come at the cost of another person’s rights. Therefore this idea of using it as shield is not tenable by law and is only sported because they know you will not go to test the law and the judiciary will not hear the case soon enough.

    • Your scheme can be implemented when military courts are established and Victorian era judicial system is disbanded. By Who, when and where is it possible ?

  2. India should establish a SUICIDE SQUAD of 2-3 million youth, train them in UP-TO-DATE combat.

    These SUICIDE SQUAD YOUTH should be facilitated to intrude into Pakistan clandestinely through the borders of Iran & Afghanistan taking advantage of the friendly relationship with India

    Once inside Pakistan, the SUICIDE SQUAD should focus on destroying the Police & Military facilities spread across Pakistan triggering a total devastation of the Defence Forces

    The entire OPERATION DEVASTATION by the INDIAN SUICIDE SQUAD inside Pakistan should be abley anchored & controlled through a discreet & exclusive Satellite Radio System

    On confirmation of total collapse of the Military facilities of Pakistan, Indian Defence Forces should enter Pakistan & arrest all suspects belonging to terrorists groups & sentence them to death without mercy

    The entire OPERATION may cost $ 3-5 Trillions but that is worth gambling

      • सेबलजी, प्यार और जंग में सब जायज हैं।
        पाकिस्तान जैसे खोटा और बेईमान मुल्क को ध्वस्त करने के लिए आप किसी भी हथकंडे अपनाओ तो उसमें कोई पाप नहीं


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