Who is the Enemy?

The enemy is not one nation but a collective group of nations with similar ideology

Who is the Enemy?
Who is the Enemy?

Symptoms need to be addressed through smaller battles that are part of a bigger war against this enemy.

A nation mourns being left utter helpless by the system. It’s the aspirations and ambitions of a growing nation that demands appropriate and adequate response. The recent murder of 44 Jawans of CRPF and 5 Jawans of the Indian army has forced people to come out in the streets with deep anguish and expectations from the state apparatus. A small and poor country like Pakistan can freely operate in India and the world’s 3rd largest economy seems helpless.

India has nothing to achieve because it is the only secular country. They are ashamed to call themselves Hindu nation despite them having world’s 80% Hindu population

Apparently and obviously so the people of India are frustrated, ashamed and totally flustered because they don’t see any visible action from a clueless government. The empty talks of vows and promises of action against perpetrators is still a promise in future just like a post-dated check with no funds in the bank account. The system is exposed to people now. Everyone knows that there is no national security policy or process that can act immediately against the perpetrators of these types of heinous and criminal acts. Empty promises by top politicians are already making things worse. People are also beginning to question the huge military expenditure on Indian armed forces.

Today people are demanding action against the enemy. Who is the enemy? This is pertinent in today’s times. Without that definition, any war cannot be fought. Attacks like these have been going on against Indian Security forces since the last 1000 years. Same ideology, similar people, only faces have changed and a new name for the region has emerged that is Pakistan. But is Pakistan the only problem? Pakistan, Bangladesh are just symptoms, the disease is something else.

In India also, Mallapuram, West Bengal are seeing symptoms. How long will Indians continue to react to symptoms? At sometime Indian strategists have to wage a long term war against the disease, not symptoms. Symptoms need to be addressed through smaller battles that are part of a bigger war against this enemy. The enemy of India is an ideology from Arab lands. Their call for war against India is call ghazwa-e-hind. Indian strategists have failed to come up with a long term strategy to defend Indian interests and Indian aspirations from these criminal minded war mongers.

The enemy is not one nation but a collective group of nations with similar ideology. The enemy is also sitting in India and being protected in the name of Secularism. Only Hindus are expected to be seculars, and that is also the strategy of the enemy of India. Media of India is controlled by these enemies. The war has to be simultaneously fought at multiple levels – media, Indian legal system, the International legal system, Indian Parliament, UN, Social Media, Intelligence and Proactive Foreign Military Operations. Is India ready?

Why do these attacks happen continuously? Because Indian administrators and policy-makers have failed India on 3 counts.

  1. Strategy
  2. Decisive Military Action
  3. Polity

One, There are no national strategic objectives of India as a nation. In today’s Infowars, ideology plays an important role in formulating a strategy. The USA has a Judeo-Christian strategic objective to achieve. Israel has Jewish objectives to achieve. Islamic countries have Islamic strategic objectives. Probably, India has nothing to achieve because it is the only secular country. They are ashamed to call themselves Hindu nation despite them having world’s 80% Hindu population.

If India as a country has to succeed then, it must first define its enemy and then must be prepared to take decisive military action against its enemies both inside and outside.

Without identity, there cannot be any strategy, definition of the enemy, strategic objectives and goals. What is India protecting from whom? Who does India serve? Secularism, self-imposed and imposed by others on India has made India hollow. For India to succeed, Indian policymakers have to proudly accept the fact that they are protecting Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism and all other original ideologies from India. Indian culture and Indian faith have to be protected and that should become the strategic objective for India. India cannot adopt foreign faiths as its culture because they compete with Indian faiths. Secularism and Globalism are dead and failed. No country is secular except India today.

Two, Decisive Military Action brings respect to a nation. India needs to make wars against its enemies as a constant feature of its national policy. There must be constant almost daily campaigns executed to weaken the enemy in their own lands. India must wage wars within Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or any other hostile nations. The USA has successfully executed it and has gotten rich dividends for doing it. India needs to shed its self imposed tag of a peaceful nation and has never initiated wars because India was under foreign rule for almost 1500 years. They were destroyed by Islamists, Christians and other looters.

In Mahabharat, Narada advises Yudhishthir to constantly wage war against enemies as statecraft. Even Chanakya advised Chandragupta Maurya to constantly defeat Yavan forces. Indian history is filled with examples where Indians have initiated decisive wars. Decisive Military Action has to be part of regular state strategy against all enemies of the state. To meet the aspirations of Indian people, the Indian government has to initiate wars outside India or be ready for another round of slavery. War has to be fought in enemy territory. I don’t know, what stops the world’s 2nd largest army to wage a war against this enemy. There is no functioning intelligence system that can win decisively for India. India has to initiate many of these wars using their large armed forces in the enemy territory. That brings me to the third point. Are Indian politicians prepared?

Three, Indian Polity has not yet grasped the seriousness of threats. They seem to be disconnected from expectations from an ambitious nation. Indian Polity has to openly apply their minds to study the enemy and learn from their history to come up with an appropriate strategy. The upcoming war is for the soul of India and Indian Polity has to be ready to take this challenge head-on. Indian polity has the strength to face this challenge provided they act on it. They have always taken moral high ground which is right in times of peace. But in war, Indian polity has to take decisions taking a perspective of ground realities. India as a nation cannot become the prisoner of high morality of some politicians.

The world over India is today being mocked for its political indecisiveness and weak political posturing despite the popularity of its PM. Indian Polity has to adopt measures for rapidly producing indigenous weapons and use them when necessary. History is a great teacher and recent Indian history from the last 600 years should wake them up. Dr Subramanian Swamy, a leading Indian Parliamentarian, has spoken in Indian parliament about the need to proactively sending troops to Afghanistan, Breaking Pakistan into 4 parts, and proactively countering the enemies. That is the right way to take the war into enemy territory. The enemy must feel the pain. This is not a hawkish approach because India has been looted far too many times by foreign invaders in the name of faith or in the name of profit. Indian culture needs to be protected by Indian polity. The pro

If India as a country has to succeed then, it must first define its enemy and then must be prepared to take decisive military action against its enemies both inside and outside. According to Chanakya Rishi, the enemies should never sleep peacefully. Narada also advises this to Yudhishthir in Mahabharat. India has everything to take this war head-on and her people eagerly look up to their political leadership to give them justice. It’s time for difficult and hard decisions. This is the fight to protect the soul of India from invaders. Jai Hind!

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Aditya Satsangi is a Hindu American Entrepreneur and Writer with a Centrist viewpoint. He is a keen observer of International Politics, Dharma and Ideology. His research on ancient Hindu Scriptures such as Mahabharat, Ramayan and Bhagawatam brings unique perspectives on current affairs. He is an avid Golfer in his free time.
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  1. 1 No huj subsidy or facilities
    2 Free Temples from government control
    3 No schools using only foreign language
    4 No ties and jackets in school as uniform
    5 No foreign language only schools
    6 Vernacular or Hindi language on all retail merchandise and road signs
    7 Uniform Civil code asap
    8 No non Hindu Chief executive in any State
    9 Secularism and communism to be illegal
    10 No salaries to Mullahs etc or subsidies or protection to those preaching
    foreign ideals
    11 A $10,000.00 bond for each missionary on arrival
    12 No Christian or Islamic students only schools
    13 Bhartiya history to be compulsive subject in all schools
    14 Vivid museum displays of atrocities by Christians and Muslims
    15 No non Hindu as chief executive or Governor of any State
    16 Compulsory Vernacular language or Hindi up to Grade 6
    17 Overhaul legal system, bail and appointment of judges
    18 Replace tickets system with primaries in elections
    19 Speed up court hearings

    These are just the beginning

  2. All Indian govt till date are banana govt. Do not see any ray of hope for them to improve on governance. None of them have any leadership or vision for India, only rhetoric & votes.

  3. Fully endorse the views expressed in this article. Even the drifting masses will get together and show solidarity once the polity moves with clarity and purpose. But will the vote bank politics allow the leaders to make long term decisions?

  4. You are grossly mistaken Sir. India needs to improve business climate. Business must flourish in Kashmir. Business creates win win. Schools must be converted to business. Health must become big business. We must have clean people delivering roads and lights for business.

    America should like India and Indian business. Your talk of enemy and war is bad for business. You need to read some other texts, not what Narad or Gita said.

    • Concerned Indian, either you are naive or guided by certain political philosophy which does not want India to prosper and progress. How can you do business in a utterly disturbed environment and who will invest in a country which is infested with terrorists?

      • Are you trying to claim that our beloved prime minister does not want India to prosper? I was merely reproducing his thoughts. He is the yugapurusha who has developed this grand vision for India. He is incorruptible, hard working, and saintlike. You should not question his vision.

  5. You are grossly mistaken Sir. India needs to improve business climate. Business must flourish in Kashmir. Business creates win win. Schools must be converted to business. Health must become big business. We must have clean people delivering roads and lights for business.

    America should like India and Indian business. Your talk of enemy and war is bad for business. You need to read some other texts, not what Narad said.

  6. Thank you. I like your article. An excellent piece for leadership to ponder. Strength of nation grows when one takes an action or a risk that an enemy never think of.

  7. The narrative by author replicate my views . Let us introspect. The narrative of India was following GITA ,Ramayana and Mahabharata. But we were brain washed and switched to Buddhist / Gandhian ideology of non violence meaning if one slaps you give him a rose and show other cheek. Unless we come out of this mind set we are doomed.

    RSS trains people to beg for donations and glorify India. They don’t propagate Kshatriya ideology or fighting spirit. So Modi slogan Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas doesn’t apply to India where minorities are pampered. Declare India a Hindu nation and world will respect us. Create wealth world will respect us.

    • Declaring India to be a Hindu nation
      Should have been the first thing after independence…
      Indian youths don’t respect their roots, culture, tradition, religion and don’t even know their national anthem…
      Schools also don’t insist…
      We are not organised and oriented ..
      Hinduism should be the orientation and we can be world leaders in economics, peace and what not…
      But to hell with the judiciary, politics etc… Which create their own masters and expect people to remain slaves….

    • Exactly, A nation must have a clear vision and mission. To have vision and mission, we need to have a definite and defined identity and that should be the ideals, ideas and philosophy of this land

  8. Wonderful, very well crfted, engaging article. I believe this should be the voice of all Bhartiya. When am Using ‘ BHARAT’ means there’s no existence of enemy state whithin or outside. My humble Namaskar. Respected Shrimanji am also concerned and trying my bit…httpww.revoi.in/pakistan-has-imposed-undeclare-war-on-india/

  9. Excellent. India must resurrect the strength and nerve shown by Chandra gupta Maurya Chanakya, Vikramaditya, The Cholas, Shivaji and Subhash Bose. No mercy. The namby-pamby babu approach has got us into this mess. Strength and cunning. Therein lies our way out.

  10. This is the best narrative I’ve ever heard. I just don’t have the words but agree on every point that you have made. I intend to keep this and share to as many people as I can. I only hope our useless leaders can read this. A caveat though: Modiji is strengthening the military which had been purposefully weakened by Congress and its allies who are mostly Muslims, Christians from the southern states and coward Indians. Time to fight back.

  11. I fully understand your views and the editorial line of PGURUs. Now the bug stops at Modi and Nirmala Sitaraman. But why do not we talk about the overhauling the Government Machinery. Why we let our values go out of our Indian Education. My son in class V of a reputed CBSE school does not know what is a History. I as a child at this age started knowing about our ancient History as a student of a very small state board school. Social Science replaced History and Geography and the same is preaching very meager values to our students. In such a condition any leader will be hesitant to take a decisive action even his heart is beating. Many examples you can take from Vajpayee and this Government. During the Kandhara incident, NDTV rose to fame (started in Kargil war) with a non-stop coverage that mated the
    Government dispensations. So, for the best spy of India had to accompany this Masood Azhar and handed over him to the enemies. Modi Government succumbed two times, one during Check posts shoot out and the then new RM succumbed to Mehbooba Mufti. Despite all these, people are talking about this incidents as if it has not happened in the past. Who was responsible and was in the Government in 1989. Who had aided the Mufti’s famous Kidnap drama? Who had bonhomie with both Abdullah’s and Mufiti’s and was participated in their Governments – Before blaming the bonhomie of BJP-PDP, they should look at their back. Still Modi is better as forces has a free hand. At least they eliminated the planters within 4 days. Such incidents are happening only now. Successful JK local body elections had instilled jitters in Jihadis and the other insurgency measures had bought a near normalcy in the state but those were not being pointed out. We need to act now. But I am sure that it will happened. More than all, create a chorus on removing 370 and 35A, why no one is running a campaign except Dr Swamy, RSN Singh, Pushpendra etc…
    Give moral strength to this Government, so that they get confidence.

    • Respected sir,
      Moral strength… What more do you need ?
      People have given more strength but they failed to utilise it ..
      Congress was worst and BJP is bad… No one is good… And wants to be better…
      Congress nationalised banks but instead they should have nationalised all schools… This is a very difficult step as most of the schools are run by missionaries where students are taught to respect Lords of British rulers and are not made aware of the history of great Hindu kings…
      Missionaries schools only produce slaves of British and not true patriotic bharatiyas of ancient india who were brave, bold , brainy and equally compassionate…
      Columbus wanted to come to India because every country knew of the richness of India – both cultural and scientific…
      But we are made to believe that Indians were educated only by British…
      Many of our ancient scriptures are copied and translated into other religious compositions and yet we are sleeping…
      Hard steps are the need of the hour…
      Declare India as a Hindu nation..
      Let those who wish to stay , stay…
      Nationalise all schools , give the kids their education of their ancestors…
      We will find everyone of them shine above their other counties counterparts….
      This is difficult… Because though minorities are minorities in India they have huge support outside India…and they are rich with their various educational and medical institutions….

      Even now in Tamilnadu one Edwin Joe of medical department will take in all Christian doctors n nurses and ensure they get good salary.. or Christian converts will fill up the whole medical field…
      State government just like karuna will only happily watch all these because they need power… No one is interested in seeing India in the long run….
      Modi ( ji ) talks about development while basement is shaking ..
      How can you develop a nation whose roots are constantly spoiled by the education system?
      Whatever good you do to the nation goes in the drain because missionaries are manufacturing bad elements to society…
      Constantly with due support from governments…

      The world will survive only as long as Hinduism survives .

      How many bad elements can you fight when they are continuously manufactured with government support in the name of appeasement…

      Even books BJP government hasn’t changed to suit Bharatiya needs…
      Eleventh standard book first print is 2005 and more than science it talks about famous lectures delivered on Christmas in a box…
      No one is bothered..
      When Hindus are not bothered their gods will also not bother about them …

      Malaysia and Singapore private run temples are so good but Hindu temples under state government are the worst cared for…
      Even a private small temple in India is taken good care of but ancient temples are left to be looted and uncared for…
      But the state government gives funds to renovate churches…. How idiotic …
      Missionaries have planted their persons in all departments and get their secret jobs done… But Hindus are sleeping….

  12. Sir,
    In my opinion, firstly, get defined yourself – that is : Who you are with respect to the identity?
    Then only you can fix your enemy identity, and wage a war against the enemy.
    Simply waging a war as in the past cannot become a solution for a future.
    Declaring India with an Identity and along with that waging a war alone might give a bright future.


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