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Most Hindus are not aware of Hindu massacres and ethnic cleansing

Why? Let me elaborate. The number of zeroes will shock you, an early warning. However, I will deliberately bombard you with some zeroes. Bear with...

Kejriwal and the art of conning by the Left

Dubious act of Left controlled unions for the shutdown of textile mills in India There are carcasses of textile mills scattered all over India, from...

Foreign policy, but domestic interests

There is also a fifth element — besides history, geography, capability and leadership — essential to understanding the shaping of India’s foreign policy. It...

India-China Border settlement is a 10 Nations Project

Alliance of South-East Asia will be an alliance of this century The Great Indian and Chinese Civilisations were born in the plains of the river...

Why not CAB?

The point to note is that these people were citizens of undivided India and they were forced to flee their own homes for saving...

Citizenship & Illegal Migrants Issue

Illegal migration from Bangladesh is the most volatile and contentious issue in the country today Citizenship: Whenever we say Citizenship, it constitutes the indispensable foundational principle...

Who is the Enemy?

Symptoms need to be addressed through smaller battles that are part of a bigger war against this enemy. A nation mourns being left utter helpless...
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