Padma Bhushan Dr. Nagaswamy Speech at the World Hindu Congress 2018 Chicago

Ramachandran Nagaswamy is an Indian historian, archaeologist and epigraphist who is known for his work on temple inscriptions and art history of Tamil Nadu. He served as the founder-Director of the Tamil Nadu Archaeology Department. He was also instrumental in starting the annual Chidambaram Natyanjali festival in 1980.


  1. Sir, Am extremely pained to listen to these great speakers. Can we not have some professionals to manage the Audio Visual departments at such great events. It hurts to see such poor quality AVs. If there is anything that as a religion to come forward and do, please share it and let it be rectified. It shows us in very poor light. The information has so much relevance in today’s world and these great thoughts and minds cannot be subjected to such poor treatment.

  2. I totally agree with Mr.Raja.The quality of video is so atrocious that it has taken away the caliber of the great speakers and the quality of their delivery.I strained every nerve to make a sense of the speeches but was thoroughly frustrated.A terrible misadventure on the part of organisers.Is there anyway the sham recordings can be salvaged into a presentable form with the help of technical experts in the field?

  3. Is the WHC so poor that they cannot produce a professional quality video? Even amateurs produce better videos. The sound is barely audible. The video is atrocious. Long shots with a still camera. What a sloppy production. Shame on you organizers. You ruined a great conference. There is no excuse for not investing in the best audio/video production equipment and team. This was your chance to showcase WHC and you blew it. WHC organizers get an ‘F’ grade.


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