Pakistan is just a decoy, anti India forces are much bigger and powerful

This is the occasion to call a spade a spade, call their bluff and demand facts.

Pakistan is just a decoy, anti India forces are much bigger and powerful
Pakistan is just a decoy, anti India forces are much bigger and powerful

India should move a resolution in the UN to quell the funding of anti-India atrocity reports coming out of Qatar financed BBC and Al Jazeera networks.

Pakistan is a new name invented in 1947. Before that, it was part of Bharat. Even Kabul was Bharat in early 700CE before Islam routed that part of Bharat known as Afghanistan today. After a Hindu Kabul finally fell to Islamic invaders in 1200CE, then the Islamic attacks on Hindu heartland in Moolsthan (Multan) and Purushpur (Peshawar) began to be felt deeply by those Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh communities. The barbarism of Islamic looters extremely ruthless and barbaric, so much so that it was never witnessed and experienced in that part of the world ever before. There was an intense struggle against Islamic invasion in Multan, Purushpur, Sindh, Balochistan, Eastern Afghanistan and Kashmir from 711 CE until 1947. Hindus and Buddhists fought with Islamic invaders for 900 years in what’s known as Pakistan and Afghanistan to save their culture and the honour of their women and children. 900 years of barbaric Islamic rule in India mostly happened in today’s Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Rest of Bharat was saved by Rajputs, Sikhs, Kshatriyas and most importantly Marathas.

Due to British Machiavellism and Muslim League brinkmanship, the Secular brigade amongst Hindus led by Nehru and Gandhi gave away a part of India in 1947 to make peace with the Muslim community. But their demands never ended, and Kashmir was kept boiling to make more demands for their Islamic homeland. In last 70 years, ever since India gave a part of her land to Muslims, the communities that have been severely exploited in the name of Islam are Balochis, Sindhis, Pashtuns, Ahmediyas and others in Pakistan. The atrocities on those communities include extrajudicial killings, exploitation of their women and children and destruction of their culture in the name of Punjabi Sunni exceptionalism. It is needless to say that the Pakistan experiment has failed. The failure of the division of India on the basis of religion is conspicuously visible in four wars between India and Pakistan, all in the name of Islamic Land expansion. It is very reasonable to demand Balochistan, Sindhustan, NWFP, Parts of Afghanistan to merge with India to help them economically prosper and feel protected under the great constitution of India. Islamic Victimhood propaganda by the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar financed media has fallen flat on the ground in front of facts from the ground. This is the occasion to call a spade a spade, call their bluff and demand facts. It’s important for India to not only break all relations with Qatar but also to put sanctions on Qatar and all its private business entities. India should move a resolution in the UN to quell the funding of anti-India atrocity reports coming out of Qatar financed BBC and Al Jazeera networks. In addition, India should also put sanctions against the UK for allowing Indian High Commission to be attacked in London under the Patronage of Londonistan mayor – Sad(iq) Khan. It’s time for a very proactive foreign policy. Modi hai to mumkin hai. If the home ministry of India has become so proactive, why not the defense and foreign. I think Hindus have had it enough, it’s high time to stand up and demand reintegration of their lands lost to Islamic invasions. The humiliation by various Islamic rulers on Hindus through destruction of their temples, communities, history and culture cannot be easily forgotten by Hindus.

On the external front, India needs to communicate aggressively by first bringing the entire diaspora of Indians living abroad together on this issue through their offices in different parts of the world.

Bharat the Vishwaguru

Bharat was a Vishwa Guru and the name Bharat itself comes from the Great Emperor who ruled the whole planet. It’s time to show that military prowess of India. Indian Soldiers are considered the best in the planet as proved in World War I and II. British victories in those wars against Germans, Italians, Japanese are the stories of valor not taught to Indians. Sikhs, Gurkhas, Marathas, Rajputs gave their life to defend Bharat. If each Indian child is taught the right history, then they will be proud of their common Sanatana Dharma heritage and that will negate generations of Islamic and Christian humiliation against them. Afghanistan and Burma were snatched away from India by the British in 1919 and 1937 respectively. Pakistan was also snatched away by British in 1947. The same British are now opposing Article 370 removal. Indians should see their game plan.

As far as India is concerned, currently, many parts of India are now becoming islands of Islamic no go zones where Hindus have become second class citizens. The first case is Kerala and the second is Bengal and the third is the North Eastern States. It’s time for Indian administration to proactively look into those regions. Those regions will become a problem shortly because Indian National Congress, has been proactively working towards Balkanization of India in cohorts with British Intelligence and Islamic Terrorism funded from Qatar. Pakistan was used as a decoy to keep Kashmir burning through Islamic terrorism. BJP ultimately thwarted their plans by removing discriminatory temporary provisions such as Article 370 which were actually supporting Pakistani Islamic terrorism against the majority of non-Muslims of India. Again a tall shoutout to PM Modi led bold Government of India.

On the external front, India needs to communicate aggressively by first bringing the entire diaspora of Indians living abroad together on this issue through their offices in different parts of the world. The second freedom struggle has just started. Nationalistic sentiments will also help to drive investments into India by rich NRIs and OCIs. The media organizations such as BBC and other private organizations need to be given show-cause notice for inciting violence against Indians and particularly demonizing Hindus globally. The UNHRC needs to be severely reprimanded for ignoring Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist genocides in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Aditya Satsangi is a Hindu American Entrepreneur and Writer with a Centrist viewpoint. He is a keen observer of International Politics, Dharma and Ideology. His research on ancient Hindu Scriptures such as Mahabharat, Ramayan and Bhagawatam brings unique perspectives on current affairs. He is an avid Golfer in his free time.
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  1. What comes to my mind is not badla or hatred but lets consider an idea like softening up USA. I admit this is not easy but worth some consideration perhaps.
    My suggestion would be to change one of the street names in Delhi from a Mugul name to George Washington Marg whenever a US president visits the capital. Americans would love this I think.

  2. The depiction of true enemy I.e. Pakistan. is just a small player but foreign funding is much more .These were the Britishers only who used Jinna as rubber stamp to create a problematic Pakistan .

  3. The Private Corporate Media, called free media, to fool people, as general public never had a say and ONLY the 2 bit, 2 bit illiterate BA and 12th, Social sciences, humanities low lives, worth not even a sadak chaap vendor is a depraved, degenerate obscenity imposed on the Black, Brown heathen world by the demonic White savage imperial demons and their incestuous genetic lumpens created in worst sex sewers by white d..k worshipers. THEY SET THE AGENDA, TO DESTROT NATIONS, as their bastardized genetics effect And the media is controlled by the same evil white supremacist machinery vide the incestous, genetic kachra created by the whites vide their willing orgyslaves, In India the PAKIPANJABI and XTIAN gutter swill the abhorrent, repulsive, disgusting pure evil who helped British Barbarian in genocide of 100 million Indian natives, today control all the media, with the help of Bengalis from the sewer of world BDesh, another white d..k worshipping community
    In India also these PAKIPANJABI, XTIANS (mostly SYRIAN, PORTUGUESE AND THR BASTARDS-RICEBAGS GO AROUND AS BHEEMTAS,PARSI-IRANIANS AND THESE MONEKY PIG CROSSED BANGALI GUTTER PRDS feel; exclusive and kings of all they survey, because they think they carry the Holy White paternal DNA sourced from unknown White spermFDI, in addition to licking the asses of dogs of white clean after they shit..INDIA has to free itself of this AXIS OF EVIL, even if need be create Noakhalis in every city, town, village. Note these evil demon DNA bstds Porkipanjabis came as beggars, naked, hungry orgied, today they live in huge KOTHAS, not because these low IQ sewer lumpens are good at anything, BUT BY BEING 5TH COLUMN HAWALA OPERATORS, CRIMINALS, SMUGGLARS, TERRORIST MONEY LAUNDERERS, HOME BORTHEL RUNNERS, CHILD PEDOPHILIA RUNNERS in every state. PAKISTAN IS PUNJAB AND BDESH WAS CREATED IN NAME of language. They have no right to be in India, and Xtians the British and now Italian Inquisition Raj executioners, need to be treated the way other countries did, when they became free. THE PAKIPANJABI, BDESHI AND THESE SYRIANS PORTUGUESE AND THEIR BASTARDS RIGHTS NEED TO be removed, all their rights, including right to life and protection against rape, just like they planned with COMMUNAL VIOLENCE BILL OF MEDIVIAL VATICAN INQUISITION, offcourse Whites, many come here in Ashrams etc, for free food as they are like streetdogs in their nations, shd be slaughtered out. NO COUNTRY where EVIL WHITE SET FOOT has survived

  4. ITALIAN, VATICAN PLANTED WHITE FASCIST EVIL CHRISTIAN BIGOT SONIA-ANTONIA MAINO is actually the greatest conspiracy of enemies of India, the Vatican, CIA and Brit-Italian barbarian. The white and Xtian demonic cult cannot tolerate a Non Xtian country, so Taoist Buddhist China has been placed under the bastard progeny of Church called Communists-The conquistador mass murderers and rapists of yesteryears. THE CONDOM CAPPED WHITE FACSIT SLAVE PADRIVADIS are GREATEST DANGER

  5. what we are focussing on is Islamic conspiracies only. THE GREATEST CONSPIRACY is by the evil, genocidal, barbaric ideology of continuous Bloodthirst and bloodletting, the christian cannibalistic ideology of White supremacy, barbaric racism, genocide and slavery of the world. The most inferior and demonic ideology of hell lord parading as religion

  6. PS: One has to watch the BBC critically and continuously for a reasonable period of time to realise that it has a strong Roman Catholic Church lobby influencing it which even it can’t resist

    • Very Correct Sir. Tony BLAIR the war criminal wife was A Catholic and Tony Blair converted to Catholicism in 2008. BRITISH BARBARIAN CORPORATION is a VATICAN PIMP and supports the Conquistador Inquisition Foreign Italian Raj of White facist, NAZI SONIA MAINO..By the way Top scientists like NAMBI NARAYAN was trapped by ITALIAN SONIA, the OpusDei, Vatican, KGB, and now CIA AND ISI, VATICAN AGENT SONIA..

  7. It is s very good blog. However even objective analysts always ignore that Christianity through the conglomeration of the new American Churches and the Catholic Church constitutes the greatest danger to India’s integrity. The soft fascism put together by the Congress for 70 yrs to disintegrate India worked with the Family as the central figurehead rallying point, the Left providing the foot soldiers, to an extent hapless Indian Muslims as victim ‘beneficieries’ owing to their won over leadership but mainly because of the brains, the tactics, the international support and the deep organising ability of these international Churches. It is true that they are so powerful internationally that the State itself cannot take them on without some danger to itself. Their methods and their false face have to be exposed courageously.

  8. A Very Nice and well written article clearly showing the evils of Radical Islam. There is no end to their demands. When any country succumbs to one of their demands, bang on the table is out a new demand. They create stories from fiction to present as facts. They teach their children to murder and defile the places of religious worship of others. They tax persons of other religions just because they are not followers is Islam. They destroy or convert Religious sites of others into Mosques. They have done this in Turkey, India, Israel, North Africa, Israel and other places too. The demand religious freedom in non Islamic countries but in Islamic countries they are brutally inconsiderate of other rights of persons of other religions. They claim that Islam is a religion of peace, people of other religions claim that the majority are not so. Gabriela Bridget whose family suffered & were driven out of Christian Lebanon rightly says. When the Fanatic Minority of Radical Islam Takes Control of the Leadership of a People in a Region. The Peaceful Silent Majority become irrelevant. The Only Solution for India and all suffering the intolerance of Radical Islam is to drive them and all their followers back through the Himalayan Passes o the North West Frontier. Further all Broadcast by Al Jazzera, Qatar, Hizbullah, CNN, ISIS, should not only be banned but blockaded. All Financial Support to Islamic Terrorist Infra Structure in other countries should be decimated completely. Their criminal terrorist should be tried and condemned as per Sharia Law “An Eye for an Eye and a Tooth For a tooth & India should forget Gandhian part of leaving the whole world Blind and toothless. What India is doing now in Kashmir of bring back to order and wiping out the infra-structure of radical Islam there is long overdue. No Forgiveness to Killers & Murderers. The Famous US General Schwarzkopf Once said-when asked whether the terrorist should not be forgiven. His Statement was It is the Job of the Almighty to Forgive. His Job is to Hasten the Meeting between those Radical Terrorists & Killers and the Almighty.—Jai Hind

    • Worst of Islamic barbarian is no match for best of Christians and their bastad progeny called Communism. The barbaric savagery of Conquistadors, Inquisitors, Racism, Nazism, Klannism, the wiping of Mayas, Incas, Aztecs, Tainos, Red Indians, Indians, Chinese, AFRICANS (Including the Italian barbarians importing TSE TSE fly in central Africa, the illeffects of which is felt even now). The Taiping rebellion, which was actually a Christian Bigots attack in China which killed 200 million people in 18th century china, all real huge genocides. The first biological war conducted against Native Indians North and South America, creation of FAMINES, Christian savages never fought soldiers on field, the White and their slaves Xtians always attacked the women and children , demoralsing the soldiers and cultured civilizations worldwide never had experience of this type of barbaric bloodthirsty savagery. The soldiers wilted to save their families.
      Communism picked from worst of Xtianity and ISIS and Islamic savagery are copying the same.

  9. Yes.A conflict of Religious belief of Hinduism Christianity and Islam.Irony is though Hindus are in minority the majority religions feel threatened.Fight it out.

    • Joji Cheran – INQUISTION CORTESWADI, CHRISTIAN FACIST INQUISITION ITALIAN VATICAN-PORTUGUESE..CRUSADER of the most bloodthirsty, genocidal ideology of desert

  10. Qatar has become a rogue country. When I was there you could not even put a cross on the mantle of your car or for that matter Ganesh Idol. In 2009 they deported a family of South Indians for a programme of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. They deported a few of the Maharashtra Mandal people in Al Khor because they were going with Bappas idol for Visarjan. This idol was smaller than a note book. The main Bastard is the 1st son Skh. JASSIM MOTHERFUCKER ALTHANI. He is head of The secret police and has red cruisers to bully citizens and expats. He even tried to over throw Tamim the present Emir and 2nd son. Now all of the GCC countries are fucking Qatar from front. Ban 2022 World Cup. Libya and Syria is funded by Qatar whether ISIS or Muslim brotherhood. Kuwait is another shit country where the devil’s reside. Money will dry up for Qatar. And day is not Far when Iran and Afghan Taliban will fuck them but USA should remove CENTCOM and all will be well. Now Turkey is opening a Base in Qatar and troops and equipments have come. Check Tekfen Turkish construction Co. All secret police of Ankara are there. Fuck Qatar and Kuwait. ISIS will vanish.

  11. Nice..
    Second war of Independence, rightly called…
    First was for liberating Indians from foreign rule.
    Second is to free Hindus from other faiths dominance and to realise the power of Sanatan dharma which has kept this world running till now…
    The presence of a single good hearted person is enough to bring goodness n rain to a vast area.
    The presence of Hinduism in Bharat was enough ( till recently), to sustain this earth…
    If temples are mismanaged or neglected, the whole world is gonna suffer..

    This is not a curse but a prophecy …

    Kindly wake up sleeping Hindus…
    Fight for your rights…
    Free Hindu temples from draconian secular governments…

    Brahmins were always targeted in Tamilnadu by Dravidian parties…this is the outer picture..
    But the real hand which was doing or helping in promoting enmity against the soft natured (a few might be cunning but only to preserve dharma) Brahmins who wouldn’t even hurt any other human being (pure veggies) is the missionaries n jihadis ..
    Missionaries knew pretty well that as long as Brahmins thrive they can’t destabilize Hinduism…
    So they created many narratives n spread it through Dravidian, communist parties….
    N the common folk were made to believe…their narrative… perfectly scripted…

    All Hindus should come forward to protect the Brahmins (not the converted cowards like Kamal) to protect Hinduism …

    Never ever trust a Christian even if he is all smiling n good natured… Deep inside there is always a devil to pounce on Hinduism…

    • Sir best comment. You have put the things in correct perspective. Yesterday a ISIS Yezidi sex slave was interviewed by MEMRI TV of IRAQ, she told that she was kept hungry for 4 days, and then some rice and meat was given to her. After she ate, the ISIS beasts told her that the meat was of her 1 year old child. THE BARBARIC qatar and US financed ISIS. ISIS is Nusra Front created by the White Christian conquistador savages and its ISLAMIC slave. HOWEVER, these barbaric beasts, demons in human clothing seems to have been trained by the much more barbaric communists of India, the monkey pig faced Bangali commies did the same in bengal 30 years back many times. AND THE COMMIES TEACHERS are the bloodthirsty Xtian. Each Man woman Child Xtian, 2 billion today has a muder of 10 human beings on their demented head, 21 billion and counting. Hitler is demonized NOT BECAUSE he killed Jews. THE VATICAN DEVIL and US-CIA organized the RAT LINES to smuggle out worst NAZIS and settle them in South America or US. US Nuclear Program was a NAZI GERMAN SCIENTIST Program. CIA-OSS was set-up by a Nazi Schineder. Hitler is demonized because 0.00000001 or NANO taste of what the Black, Brown, heathen, Non Xtian world went and goes thru to the EVIL WHITE RACIST AND FASCIST Xtian bigot world. CAMBODIA was bombarded with more than the amount of bombs used in entire Europe in WWII..
      BBC = BRITISH BARBARIAN CHRISTIAN corporation is a outright war criminal with NYT and WaPo, these white skinned xtian beasts lecture India about KASHMIR..THESE LIARS and GENOICDAL WHITE THUGS planted FAKE NEWS about WMD in IRAQ, and danger to BRITAIN AND US from a tiny Iraq, whose entire generation of children were killed by the White christian beast thru sanctions just like the evil Brits used famines to wipe people, leading to greatest genocide of 21 st century, 8 million and still counting. Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan and these White war criminal beggars in India, who came here to earn money as even these demented deranged white barbarians want to live. For me if Muslims are killing these whites in small number does not matter. they both can die and bury in pigshit, caliphate and Vatican exterminating each other and the Commie pigs. Hindus, Buddhist, Taoists, Shintos etc should be a Block and just throw these evil out to fight

    • There was a Great chance when entire GCC was at loggerheads with Qatar, Saudi was ready to even invade and Saudi intelligence tried for a coup. But at that time ITALIAN CHRISTIAN INQUISITION RAJ was in India

  12. Don’t know about Qatar, but about Qatar Airways. Returned to India from USA by QA. On the NY-Doha part of the journey, most passengers destination was different parts of India. Though there was screen display of local time from 5 or 6 cities NY, LA CH, Beijing, Melbourne, Sydney, not one Indian city of Delhi, Mumbai, etc., local time was on display on the screen in front of our seat. For IST, one Indian city would suffice. Right through our about 14 hours journey it was the same. Again from Doha to India i.e.,my city same story. Reaching Indian city middle of the night at 2.00AM, knowing local time in advance would have been very helpful. Of what use Beijing or Sydney time to passengers bound for India? Does Qatar Airways or somebody else there also think that freight and passengers to and fro India ok, but not Indian cities information. Are Indian cities otherwise untouchable for the Qatar Airways?

  13. Writer depicted very clearly how islamic influences are continuing grabbing lands one after another! ITS DESIGN OF GOD ,IN THE NAME OF KALI TO FLOURISH IN KALIYUG , and IT IS ALSO TOLD HOW TO ESCAPE FROM IT – ALL LAID DOWN IN SHASTRAS OF ‘SANATAN DHARMA’ – the writed did not touch on it – either he does not know or could not express due to ‘secular’ theories imposed! I narrare the REMEDY FOR EVADING EFFECTS OF KALI though islam – 1) UNITY 2) ADHERENCE TO WORSHIP OF GOD IN THE EXPRESSION OF ‘SRI HANUMAN’ and to worship SRI HANUMAN WORSHIPPING SRIRAM IS FOREMOST! ITS GOD’S WILL THAT SRIHANUMAN BHAKTI IS STEADILY INCREASING !A FAITH IN IT WILL INCREASE POWERS!


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