Plight of Ukraine – Putin Wrong and World Wrong

The present approach and mercilessness of Putin are no different from that of the leadership of China when it occupied Tibet

The present approach and mercilessness of Putin are no different from that of the leadership of China when it occupied Tibet
The present approach and mercilessness of Putin are no different from that of the leadership of China when it occupied Tibet

Ukraine’s ongoing agony and suffering, similar to what Tibet underwent around decades back

As Putin’s Russia is dropping bombs in Ukraine and rushing in with tanks, destroying buildings, infrastructure, and killing people, the one region which can appreciate the plight of Ukraine and the feelings of helplessness that it is undergoing is Tibet.

Around six decades back, China pounced on Tibet aggressively, massacred the innocent protesting Tibetans, and mercilessly sent its army to occupy Tibet. Ukraine is now undergoing agony and suffering, similar to what Tibet underwent around six decades back.

The present approach and mercilessness of Putin are no different from that of the leadership of China when it occupied Tibet.

Why Putin wrong?

Putin says that he has to attack Ukraine to ensure that Ukraine would not join NATO, as the presence of NATO forces in Ukraine would be a threat to the security of Russia.

Some supporters of Putin point out that when a few decades back, Russia wanted to create a military base in Cuba, then President of the USA John Kennedy protested and said that he would not permit this to happen. He ordered the blockade of Cuba which could have resulted in a big war, but then Nikita Khrushchev led the Soviet Union had to withdraw its move. The argument is that the stand of Putin with regard to Ukraine is similar to the stand of US President Kennedy with regard to the Cuba issue earlier.

While the above details are factual, the fact at present is that Ukraine has not joined NATO and only discussions have been happening. Considering Putin’s opposition, NATO may not have pursued the idea of including Ukraine in NATO.

Obviously, Putin has used this so-called threat of Ukraine joining NATO to justify its aggression against Ukraine. Putin is certainly wrong.

Why world wrong?

It is sad that Ukraine has been left alone to defend its territory and its sovereignty against Putin’s Russia, in spite of the fact that Russia is a much larger country with much more military capability than that of Ukraine.

The ground reality today is that when Russia has attacked Ukraine and looks like occupying the entire country very soon, the world is simply watching.

Countries like the USA and Western European countries do not want to involve themselves in checking the march of Russian troops into Ukraine by sending their forces and are leaving Ukraine at the mercy of aggressive Putin. The USA and West European countries are paying only lip sympathy to Ukraine and are imposing some economic sanctions against Russia, which will not help Ukraine to save itself from going under Russian occupation. The imposition of some sanctions appears to be a face-saving formula for USA and NATO. Countries.

An attempt was made to condemn Russia for launching an attack on Ukraine in United Nations Security Council, even as it is well known that Russia would defeat the motion by exercising its veto power. Obviously, the move to condemn Russia in United Nations is a cosmetic step of the USA and NATO countries to give a false impression that they are fighting against forces of aggression.

It is strange and surprising that China has not supported Russia in UNSC but abstained. China has no respect for the sovereignty of several other countries and it is guilty of occupying Tibet and holding on to Tibetan territory. China’s act is nothing but one of the crocodile tears shed in the UNSC to send a false impression to the world that China has respect for the sovereignty of other countries.

What is even more strange is that India also abstained from voting in UNSC, even as it called for the cessation of aggression by Russia. In taking this decision to abstain, India has not adhered to principles of fairness and ethics in international relations but has acted only in self-interest, so that it would neither displease Russia nor USA and western countries. Obviously, the world gets the impression that India has no courage of conviction.

The world remains silent and unconcerned about the plight of Tibetans at the hands of China. Similarly, it appears that the world would remain unconcerned with regard to the fate of Ukraine and its citizens.

Now, what will happen to Ukraine?

In all probability, Putin will have the last laugh with regard to Ukraine, just as China has the last laugh with regard to Tibet. Ukraine will go under Russia for a long time to come with a person loyal to Putin being imposed by Putin as leader of the Ukrainian government.

At best, what the USA and West European countries and Canada would do is to accept refugees from Ukraine who cannot return back to their motherland for a long time to come.

It appears now that any country economically and militarily powerful can do whatever it wants against any other country, unmindful of the so-called world opinion.

After all these deplorable conditions of Putin invading Ukraine, let not anyone be surprised if the US President or British Prime Minister would shake hands with Putin after the cooling-off period. Meanwhile, Ukraine like Tibet would be virtually forgotten in the world.

With UNO totally failing to persuade Russia to withdraw its forces from Ukraine and conclusively proving itself to be an impotent organization, is there any chance for countries that are victims of aggression in the world at any time?

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  1. The author either not aware or intentionally mentions to forget the exercises the USA been doing for several decades in the middle east and African countries. In what way Putins’s attempt to do a regime change is different from USA’s? If any in terms of civilian deaths and destruction of properties USA caused >100 times than Putin has done or will do in Ukraine. The one who are questioning India’s courage now I ask them where were their courage when USA went destroying countries after countries in the last few decades, often with fabricated stories. Is it because now the “white people with blue eyes and blond hairs” are getting killed?
    If Putin is wrong so are Ukraine’s Zelenskyy and the NATO. If the latter one had assured that Ukraine will not become a NATO member, PUTIN would not have invaded. Wasn’t it Regan who promised Gurbuchav if he dismantled USSR NATO will not be expanded beyond what it was that time. Now how many European countries have become NATO members since? When cold war ended if these “civilized” people wanted to build a harmonious world, the right thing was to dismantle NATO. But their intention is and has always been to create conflicts so that they can sell arms. Now the birds have come to roost at home!

  2. Right and wrong are relative. Very difficult to judge someone as right or wrong, in real life. One can argue Ukraine as both right and wrong. Same with Russia, US, EU, UK, etc.

    Everybody is right from one’s own perspective and everybody’s wrong from an adversary’s perspective. And most people won’t be consistent on their stand either. Most people will ask others to do something, but may do quite the opposite.

    In geopolitics, though everyone will speak about right and wrong, each will act as per one’s own interest.

    If India’s interest shifts on the ground, India may give some reason, like Russia attacking nuclear power plant is wrong, and vote against Russia in UN. Nothing wrong in it, as everyone does just that.

    My 2 cents.


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