Prof RV on what the latest avatar of Rahul Gandhi is thinking as Gang of 23 gets sidelined

Another day, another re-boot of Rahul Gandhi as the young leader of the Congress Party. Except now, some of the trusted old guard is either dead or being sidelined. What ails this party and why is it still hesitant to hold Democratic elections, which is the only way out? Prof RV analyses and asserts the need for a pan-India Opposition party for a thriving democracy.


  1. Prof- stick to management . Remember what your parents taught you.
    You are known by the company you keep. And the people you promote.

    You are limiting thinking. There are people with far superior intelligence
    Modi vs Rahul Gandhi is the puppet show of the BJP to fool the populace

    I guess you don’t wish for India to move ahead. And for your students to remain with the same level of comprehension.
    1.3 billion people and this is the level of choice !


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