Prof RV traces RSS and Communism, that were born about 100 years ago in India and how they fared

Prof RV on a tale of two ideologies - one is going-going-gone while the other is flourishing. What went wrong and what comes next?


  1. Prof RV traces RSS and Communism that were born about 100 years ago in India and how they fared. One of the excellent themes in Pgurus and Prof RV aptly suggested it as a research theme. After independence Commies formed governments in Kerala, WB and Tripura states in a decade, and continued its rotten system in WB State for 35years and ruined economically too.

    Today, Commies are on the vain, tired and retired and there is no future for them in India. But its massive radical leftist deep rooted employed in print-visual media/MSM, Twitter, FB and self-employed journalism with clandestine funding and employed in majority of the Universities world-wide is hurting many nations progress. Noble Prizes are given to them in selective fields!! Tainted NDTV leftist anchor is now an academician in one of the Universities in USA! Commies Journalists Network is in billions! Their wards study abroad! Their parents create danga masti in India while Government looks the other way!

    RSS ideological offshoot BJP took nearly 71 years to form a coalition Govt at the Center with 24 crutches(1997-98), later with 19 (1998-99) and 13 crutches (1999-2004!
    After 89 years formed a Govt in 2014 at the Center with 282 majority of its own and Bakistan PM Imran Khans gifted 303 (otherwise 180 to 200 MP seats) in 2019. Their desire to abolish 370 and Ajodhya is fulfilled. Hats off to them.

    Unfortunately this ideological shift in governance since May 2014 has not produced sustained development and growth economically and in fact policies have been disruptive and not transparent too. Since May 2019 not only our economy is ruined not also banking system collapsed and few with M&A totally derailed beyond recognition!!

    Flexing muscles under French made Rafael combat aircraft deliveries are not the answers.
    These RSS trained fellows are of no use but believes in histrionics, creating an aura around them.
    We need a good leader who should be a multi-faceted personality taking us to greater heights economically with strong internal security first. India must be economically and militarily a super power!


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