Prof RV wants the media companies to tell who the real owners are

Prof RV says that people will accept a left-leaning paper or a TV station but what is playing out in India today is fooling of people with total opaque ownership and the masterly inactivity of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting


  1. dear mr iyer,
    it is nice of you exposing corrupt people in india.
    you have said at the beginning of this video to buy from AMAZON,
    Why are you promoting US company ? why not an indian company?
    You may be aware AMAZON selling floor mats with image of Hindu Gods?
    Do you accept such sale by AMAZON?
    Subsequently Late Ms Sushma Swaraj gave a stern warning to AMAZON to withdraw such sales of mats with image of Indian Gods.
    So what reason for you to promote AMAZON?
    Further you wrote corruption on individual and media house ?
    But nothing happened ?
    Are you proved wrong on your findings??


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