Pt Satish K Sharma on MEA’s messaging and if the Leicester city council will remove Gandhi’s statue

With Churchill's Statues boxed and Politicians bending the knee, will Gandhiji be forced out of Leicester? Now that India is at the Security Council and G6 tables, Pt Satish K Sharma asks whether the Ministry of External Affairs is ready to work at this level?


  1. So if Gandhi goes, is Martin Luther king and Mandela next? Same criticisms apply to them.

    Somehow the Pakistanis have control of the narrative and it’s a all out attack on India. Every thing from Gandhi to Hindus and Indian culture. Time to point out how screwed up they are and how their only hope is to bad mouth india now that the land of the pure is rather dirty.

  2. In spite of the Chinese being a COMMUNIST & secretive regime (MORE THAN USSR), I wonder how Americans patronised and build China, ignorantly, just for a few DOLLARS!!!


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