R V S Mani who was in MHA Control room as 26/11 unfolded, explains the role of Rana and Headley

Starting from their college days in Pakistan when David Headley was recruited by the ISI to the events leading up to 26/11, R V S Mani lays bare the role of some Bollywood icons as well as others. Dr. Tahawwur Rana will also have to face Money Laundering charges in India, according to Mr. Mani.


  1. The mystery of 26/11 can be solved by interrogating Rahul Bhatt S/o Mahesh Bhatt who met Dawood Gilani at his gym. Mahesh Bharat mom is a Muslim and has strong links with Filmi mafia. So the chain is ISI— Dawood Hadley cum Gilani —- Rana—- Rahul Bhatt —— entire cine field —- politics—- 26/11 carnage. So , a legitimate and open plat from in India was provided to ISI THROUGH indians. Only after 26/ 11 happened and David was caught , Mahesh Butt rushed to then HM revealing friendship of his son with David Hadley.

    This link of David with Rahul Bhatt must be thoroughly investigated by grilling Rana and we want the identity of real villain. Iyerji , Hindus don’t forget or forgive.What options they have when they are struggling for food and They are helpless like Mani.

    RSS and BJP should fight, but they surrendered. Who will fight for Hindus / India ? Only army or Devatas.


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