Raghu Rama Krishna Raju YSR Congress MP on Conversions in AP P1

An explosive revelation by the sitting MP of Lok Sabha from the YSR Congress, Raghu Rama Krishna Raju says that there are 33,000 priests and 29,000 pastors in Andhra Pradesh! Why is the national media silent about this?


  1. Solution is
    1)hindus should aggressively start reverse conversion or ghar wapsi in large scale by whatever means like xtians and muzlims. Stop the passive attitude like hindus dont convert,all religions are same,psedo secularism.
    2)free hindu temples from govt control.
    3)stop foreign funding to missionaries.
    4)remove additional benifits to minorities or give them to hindus also constitutionally.
    5)strictly monitor chruch records and remove SC benifits to baptised dalits(crypto xtians) who are snatching the benifits of hindu dalits
    6)hindu leaders and organizations should solve internal issues in society which is used by missionaries as a main weapon.

  2. Evil american pastors are pumping in billions of $’s to convert Hindus. These are not genuine conversions but exploitation of the poor.


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