RVS Mani says CAA protest funding is far more than 120 crores!

RVS Mani describes the various ways in which funding is being made available to the various protests happening all over the country. Zakir Naik appears to have disposed of his property in India using Cryptocurrency, which opens a new angle of funding. A must watch!


  1. @Venkat
    Having lived in UAE all my life. I agree with the facts you mentioned about Middle East but the govt seems helpless to me. If they take strict actions against infiltrators with laws like CAA NPR NRC UCC PCB etc., the foolishly secular, bollywood believing hindus are among the first ones to call this govt fascist and anti secular. What these urban naxalites dont realize is that there are these two men at the helm of this country who are willing to do good for not just us hindus but the entire population at large. They are fighting against its own citizens and here these so called intellectual liberals find all policies unconstitutional. All these people were deep asleep when there were terrorist attacks across the whole country every now and then and it was scams galore. All congress did was ‘Kaddi Ninda’. Unfortunately, we hindus are deeply divided between castes unlike muslims or christians. If this govt continues with such bold steps it will make us proud and happy that we elected them but at the same time the backlash will quadruple from sections of international forums, media and other left leaning world groups.

  2. Number one source of funding is through gold smuggling. A single group caught in Kerala had smuggled worth 1400 crores in just one year.
    Tax incidence on gold import now is 15% and this assures a 15% margin on smuggling.Remember it was 2% earlier in 2000. There was no smuggling and hawala then. All money from middle east came through banking channels.Even in last budget there was a hike of 2.5% duty.
    Cutting duty below 5% will make smuggling unprofitable considering the risk and can solve hawala, black money and terror funding in one stroke. But this FM and her foolish babus will never

  3. Mr.Mani’s facts are not realistic. Business and savings are steeply down in Middle East countries and Indian Muslims don’t have enough savings to waste on agitations. But they collect donations from Arabs for madrasaa and construction of mosques and this amount must have been misused.

    Actually the money sources are many. CIA, China, arms brokers, Indian political parties etc etc. What is surprising is almost all bank operations are linked to ,Aadhar and govnt knows who is operating these accounts. No need for NRC or NPR. All data is already with government with data of infiltrators.

    The problem in India is ilrresponsible democracy,weak judicial system and sold out Seculars.Lesson from shaheebagh. You sit on dharma in National highway, it is freedom of expression. You abuse PM, it is freedom of expression. You abuse police and army, freedom of expression. On the contrary in US ,if dogs shit is not cleaned by owner, he is punished. In India you make a dining hall on road and enjoy biryani it is freedom of action. I am confused at the definition of democracy in India as any one can do anything anywhere. Govnt must act tough or the next generation will suffer.


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