Salute You Lordships!!

In a vibrant capitalist economy, only cost will matter and not caste

Salute to Justice Goel and Justice Lalit
Salute to Justice Goel and Justice Lalit

Salute to Justice Goel and Justice Lalit for showing spine, which is a rare rarity these days

Hats off to Justice Adarsh Goel and Justice UU Lalit of the Supreme Court for having the guts to stand by their judgment on the SC/ST Atrocities Act!! They have rightly denied that there was any effort on their part to dilute the Act as alleged by the Congress, the Left, and the professional pseudo. The intention of the lordships was only to prevent the framing of innocents under this Act.

Contrary to the allegations leveled by the opposition, which had stoked Dalit violence on April 2, the fact is that the Modi govt had amended the Act in 2016 to ensure a better rate of conviction under this law!! But then the government’s PR is so pathetic that even the wildest of allegations against it stick. The BJP could not convince its own Dalit MPs who were grossly misguided on the SC’s verdict. Even the Mayawati government in U.P. had taken steps to prevent the abuse of the Act.

The entire controversy raises the larger issue, whether social issues like caste atrocities can be curbed through legislation alone. The need is to speed up economic development which alone can provide opportunities for the underprivileged to grow along with the rest of society. The need is to rapidly increase the size of the national cake.

my salute to Justice Goel and Justice Lalit for showing spine, which is a rare rarity these days

In an ecosystem of economic stagnation and high levels of corruption, as is being witnessed currently, it is natural for semi-feudal constructs like caste to be dredged up to the fore.

Capitalism is the cure for casteism. In a vibrant capitalist economy, only cost will matter and not caste. There will be enough for everybody; so much so that reservations and caste quotas will become redundant and atrocities will be things of the past. The only quota will be the town Kota in Rajasthan. Money is a great leveler. The need is to unleash the huge potential of our economy, treat our business community as a partner and not a chor and provide quality education free of cost to SC and ST candidates to help them take part in the economy as self-respecting equals and not as beneficiaries of a condescending policy.

Even though time is fast running out, Modi should rapidly viagra-ize the flaccid economy. The time to do that is NOW.

Meanwhile, my salute to Justice Goel and Justice Lalit for showing spine, which is a rare rarity these days.

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  1. Why are you blaming Congress and Opposition for everything. How will the conviction rate be increased.
    The agitation was a spontaneous reaction by Dalits. Is Congress and Opposition to be blamed for the houses of Dalit Legislators burnt in Rajasthan. You are praising our Business Community and Capitalists what have they done to Dalits are they employing them in their business or have they offered special privileges. The Act is there for a long time now why BJP did think it fit to change it now and not when in Opposition when they knew that it was flawed. This is an attempt by BJP and they thought it not fit to convince the Dalit MPs. What the Judges have done is their job and nothing extraordinary about it and too much praise need not be heaped on them lest next judgement they give may make them out of favour. favour.


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