Divide & Rule: A simple Congress strategy, working slowly!

Is Congress adopting the age-old rule of the British?

Is Congress adopting the age-old rule of the British?
Is Congress adopting the age-old rule of the British?

India is a cosmic chaos. There’s always a method to the madness in India. And, this is aptly applicable to what the Congress & like-minded parties in India are trying to achieve – Systematically break India. The Congress party, which is on the brink of being non-existent is facing a bankruptcy of ideas & has now officially resorted to the politics of Caste, Language, Tradition, North-South divide & Religion to name a few.

This hocus-pocus almost bizarre & blatantly divisive strategy is again in play in Karnataka. The UPA 2 was in power in Delhi as well as Karnataka when in 2013 the then UPA Govt. struck down the ‘separate religion’ tag for Lingayats.

In the recent elections in Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi completed his Temple Run 1.0’ and that gave the Congress party a somewhat expected result. After 22 years of BJP rule in Gujarat, the Congress was able to cash-in on the anti-incumbency against the BJP in Gujarat & secured 16 seats & 2.5% more vote share than 2012, which was a virtual walkover given to the ruling party by the Congress, thanks to the solid charisma of one man – Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Congress’s divisive strategy

The Congress’ strategy is as clear as it can get – Divide India & by extension voters along ‘Caste Lines’ & push for an agenda where it’s easier for one to be identified as a member belonging to particular Caste than as an Indian. This agenda, if successful will go a long way in reviving the dying Congress & shift the discussion from ‘Growth & Development’ pushed by Prime Minister Modi & the BJP to ‘Caste ‘ based politics. The Caste based division alone could possibly dent the Modi-BJP Juggernaut.This is the Congress’ great hope to re-capture power at the Centre.

In November 2017, the Congress tried & tried very hard to unseat the BJP in Gujarat, and came decently close to scaring the BJP to a loss. Rahul Gandhi all along, during the campaign period was being championed as a Congress ‘vote catcher’ & he relentlessly campaigned through his bus tours and rallies. The Congress tried very hard to play a 2-level game, one was Rahul Gandhi talking about how Modi & BJP are bad for Gujarat how they divide people on communal & caste lines. The other, more interesting & more fascinating, unfortunately, was the complete surrender of the Congress campaign, at the ground level to the ‘Patidar’ Andolan & it’s then 23-year old leader Hardik Patel. In another Congress spinoff, which though had limited impact in terms of the Gujarat elections, the Left of Center Congress party & the Delhi Durbari media tomtomed to relative success is the new Dalit poster boy – Jignesh Mewani. The Congress put its weight behind entities like Hardik Patel, Jignesh Mewani, Rohit Vemula movement, etc… which are an open & shut case of ’Divisive Politics’. Another & more striking instance of Rahul Gandhi & Congress openly supporting the ‘Break India’ forces is the ideological tie-up between the likes of Kanhaiya Kumar & the Congress party fuelled by the Lutyens Media. Kanhaiya Kumar & the JNU Gang seem to have launched a pan-India campaign to malign & defame India’s rich culture & further break India across caste & community lines.

New campaigners for Congress
Fig 1. New campaigners for Congress

This hocus-pocus almost bizarre & blatantly divisive strategy is again in play in Karnataka. The UPA 2 was in power in Delhi as well as Karnataka when in 2013 the then UPA Govt. struck down the ‘separate religion’ tag for Lingayats. In 2018, the same Congress passed a bill in the Karnataka State Assembly to make Lingayats a separate religion. This sudden and fairly quick change of heart is not for the love of Lingayats but to divide the Lingayat vote ahead of the May 2018 Karnataka state elections. On the other hand, Congress’ leader & dynast Rahul Gandhi called Tipu a symbol of ‘communal harmony’ clearly with a strategy to consolidate minority votes while dividing Hindu votes, just for the sake of power. This, to the layperson, is blatant & shameless lust for power. One genuinely wonders if the Congress is following the footsteps of the British Raj which made sure to break the ‘Hindu Ecosystem’ to keep the Hindus divided & engineered caste based fault lines across communities.

The many faces of Rahul Gandhi
Fig 2. The many faces of Rahul Gandhi

‘Sanatana Dharma’ transcends any division across the lines of Caste, Creed & Religion. ‘Sanatana Dharma’ is not small enough to be the sole ideological, religious & cultural property of Hindus in Bharat only. ‘Sanatana Dharma’ belongs to anyone and everyone who is ‘Bharatiya’. The concepts of ‘Sanatana Dharma’ are applicable to each & every aspect of our personal, political & public life. And, a ‘sanatani’ should rise above these divisions which are first constructed & then deconstructed by the ‘Left movement’ in India to shame & de-mean our 5000-year-old history & culture. Indian Scriptures like the Bhagavad Gita don’t promote caste divisions based on birth, but stress only on ‘Guna’ & ‘Karma’. The Congress’ insistence on the idea of dividing Indians based on birth, is not just anti-Hindu but against humanity as well.

Political parties which were once the symbol of United India like the Indian National Congress, parties which fought for Socialism at one time and now are disgustingly capitalistic & dynastic in nature like the Samajwadi Party, Rashtriya Janata Dal, etc. along with like-minded entities like the Left-powered English Media will do all they can to break India & her strength, which is her Heritage & Culture of ‘Unity in Diversity’ in their quest for power. The only way in which we can grow as a nation, culture & continued heritage is through Unity & the principles of ‘Sanatana Dharma’.

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Indraneil is a Data-Center performance engineer focusing on ML & HPC. He blogs & does freelance writing on Current Affairs & is a News-Junkie. Indraneil was recently felicitated by the Consulate General of India, SFO as a 'Young Overseas Indian Achiever' in Tech. Indraneil is from Hyderabad, India & currently in Fremont, CA.
Indraneil Gokhale


  1. Congress ( I mean – I N C – Indian National Congress – is a sinking ship kept afloat as a sort of rescue boat to descendants of Nehru-Feroz Gandhy who managed to link themselves to Mahathma) is being aided/ supported by external forces financed by Saudi and US Dollars. Unfortunately for them a new factor in the form of Narendra Modi managed to defend the nation.
    And both Saudi Arabia and USA are finding their wealth diminishing and countries like Pakistan/Iran/Iraq/Egypt sheltering terrorists
    Not all the Saudi or the U S Dollars can put back the mother and son -Indira-Rajiv or Sonia-Rahul
    back in the control box! Reminds us of Krishna’s promise to the Barathiya Nation – sambavami Yuge Yuge!

  2. Good article. But why only blame the Congress. Why are we Hindus so divided that such evil people find it so easy to break us. We are still hanging onto caste lines, we still want reservation to please people and still allow caste based discrimination.
    Unless Hindus get united, CONgress will always divide us.

  3. This is old wine in new bottle. It is a well-written article but it doesn’t go beyond making some observations about Congress strategy. The author ,- or anyone else really ,- needs to come up with at least one idea to counter the Congress strategy. That is a better way to take this debate a little further. (Let me also write that I feel that someone in USA is unlikely to come up with such an idea.)

    • Why? Do Indians in the US not know the reality back home? The author is not someone born in the US, he left there for work. Stop pretending to be a know all to those who dont live here. One still can understand how Indian politics works and suggest changes. With your logic, one cannot know how foreign countries work at all?

      • Thanks for that reply. The simple answer to your questions is that Indians in the US don’t even know much about US. If only they tried to know more about the US, they might be of some help to India.

        • Point to ponder and play ball with.

          That India is a (historic etc) unity (which has been) cementing its own (sociocultural etc) diversity is never ever ‘allowed’ to take off, while the West’s elephant in the room is its down-played diversity/diversion bursting (through) its much-trumpeted unity/unison. Fanatic and fundamentalist activism is raging across all fields like wildfire throughout the ‘Wild West’, with the real risk of gutting all the ‘good’ and ‘exemplary’ civilizational advancements set off by ‘earliest’, ‘original’ and ‘sagely’ seers over the centuries.

          Human miseries and fortunes are universal and global in mechanism and machination. Waters, whether Occidental or Oriental, are broadly the same, eg, in origin, flow and emptying. One who would test and taste the waters somewhere on earth, could do so anywhere else too. Concern, conditioning and commitment is the cornerstone of fruitful human endeavor.

          Wherefore, an overseas stay or sojourn would not and should not be the sole or sufficient determinant for competence or say in Bharat’s business. Conversely, unconcerned, unconditioned and uncommitted native stay or sojourn would be equally vain.

  4. Good data mining, with very good outlook
    Of thinking positively and expressing the
    Thoughts constructively, with clarity and logic.

  5. Very nicely written. Feel Pity for the state of affair of Indian politics, but that’s the reality. A country with such rich resources and scope of development, losing out to such cheap plays. Hope things change.

  6. Yes, like the author has it is only people, who have to remain united and progress…

    Our pradhan sevak and new chacha nehru just forgets what he says while campaigning for votes…He knocks our door and screams congress is corrupt! Yet in his term, he could not even find one case of corruption….His ministry sleeps with same media mafia who are breaking forces of our nation….

    Sheer waste of hope of millions of young on this…. Let atleast sanatana dharma take our country to free from this …

  7. Modi and Shah have to blame themselves for Congress resurrection. They are systematically alienating Hindu nationalists, traders, middle class from the vote bank of BJP in search of poor votes. As a Hindu Nationalist I am very jittery now.


  9. Why don’t you say Yeddy also wanted it why blame Congress for all ills. Say Honestly did Yeddy recommend separate religion for Lingayats or not. Be Honest and don’t beat around the bush. Your portal also is synonymous now with all fake things. BJP also doing the same thing. What the Congress is doing the BJP is bettering it.


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