Sorry I Am A Hindu

Calling oneself a Hindu is becoming a hazard, writes senior journalist S Balakrishnan
Should a Hindu be sorry?

India was partitioned in 1947 into India and Pakistan. Pakistan declared itself an Islamic country. In 1971 Pakistan was partitioned into Pakistan and Bangladesh. Bangladesh declared itself an Islamic nation.

India continues to be a very secular nation where Hindus are kicked out of their homes in lakhs by Muslim fundamentalists (Kashmir), their houses are attacked by Muslim mobs (most recent example Bashirhat), their sleep is disturbed every morning by loudspeakers from mosques, where they are asked to prove through an unending legal battle that Lord Ram was indeed born in Ayodhya, where Lord Krishna has to still to put up with a mosque at his birthplace in Mathura, where Lord Shiva’s holiest temple in Kashi still has to rub shoulders with a mosque, where an entire city is serial-bombed with RDX from Pakistan to take revenge on Hindus, where they are burnt alive in trains, where their temples are demolished by the authorities because they are illegal but illegal mosques are not touched because that will create law and order problems, where Vande Mataram is not given the status of national anthem so as not to hurt Muslim sentiments, where politicians are vying with each other in demanding reservation for Muslims in government jobs and education, where statues of Hindu literary figures cannot be installed and where poor Hindus are converted by the lakhs every year by the church as a matter of right, where anti-conversion laws cannot be passed lest it hurt minority sentiments, where millions of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh cannot be sent back because they are Muslims, where the cow, which is revered by millions of Hindus, is butchered by the thousands every year, where actors, liberals, and journalists take out morchas only when Muslims are attacked but keep mum when Hindus are targeted.

What a wonderfully secular country we are where Hindus are second class citizens. Jai Ho Secularism!!

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Advocate and Senior Journalist who was formerly City Editor & Chief of Bureau of The Times of India, Mumbai. He has also served in the MumbaiMunicipal Council.
S Balakrishnan
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  1. Your articles are very nice…..sir….
    Fully support your view points….

    Future of India is with Hindus… Don’t worry sir….

    Indian freedom was to unite India…. And now that we are one country we will unite as Hindus…..and create wonders in the world….
    In god’s point of view,
    British people’s only job in India was to create tension so that Indians come out of their safe shells and unite as Indians and fight for their rights….

    It’s not that easy equally to wake up the lazy Hindus… But the tensions that prevail now in India will unite the Hindus too….

  2. Agree fully. Such is the plight. And likes of barkha and sardesais have put liberal Hindus against our own cause. The elite Hindus don’t give important to poor masses because for them it’s ok not to have a ram temple as they they don’t go to any ?. It’s ok to have mosques everywhere as their rich societies don’t have any in vicinity. It’s ok to kill cows as they never have read scriptures or lived with poor to know cow importance to Hindus. Its ok to be bombed by terrorists coz thry didn lose family. It’s ok not to be secure in your own country as security has never been their own concern, as they advocate the devil. It’s ok to appease Muslims because it fetches them vote bank. It’s ok to see Hindus live second class in their own country coz for them it’s not about equality honesty and justice, bit about being politically correct, increasing vote bank and following ‘divide and rule’ policy which ensures that libtard gang always has topics to thrive upon.


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