Sree Iyer on a special offer for the book NDTV Frauds

Read all the false cases foisted on Income Tax Commissioner Sanjay Kumar Srivastava and how he has been winning in every court - yet now he has been forcibly retired. A must read!

English Copy of Kindle can be bought at just Rs 69 for a limited time at –
Hindi Copy of Kindle can be bought at just Rs 69 for a limited time at –


  1. Recently there was a bizarre news item published in the Times of India (Sunday 16th June 2019 edition) and reading that absurd news item made me puke as to how this nefarious eco system is still at work, the news item desperately wanted to prove that S K Shrivastava was forcibly retired because judges at various courts where the fake cases were being heard had taken a negative view on S K Shrivastava (without any proof or documentary evidence of course) and this indictment by Me Lords had resulted in the ouster of S K Shrivastava. This really makes us wonder whether the crusade against corruption so wonderfully being led by Sree Iyerji will meet any success at all whether it is Congress rule or BJP rule are these two the same wines with different labels???

    • I think Indians specially Hindus just want to talk crap..Please see video on youtube and how TOI has been made naked, with the reporter already cornered, by SM. TOI = TOILET OF ITALY run by Vineet Jain, running dog of World council of churches.
      THE PART we miss out is that even TOILET OF ITALY did not dare to talk about false rape cases, though they will defend as Lutyens filth will defend each other as they are all same.. Rs 10000 Crores by Sonia, Vatican and Chidu is no small amount so these Xtians will try all LIES. But people think… Lutyens are being ground and its NO MEAN ACHIEVEMENT that Karan Thapar (whose GF felicitated Gen Dyer a day after Jallianwala for job well done) and was PART OF ITALIAN PANTY CABINET, was punished by PCI=PIGS COUNCIL OF ITALIAN, despite like of Shekhar Gupta (Augusta patrakar), sardesai, aroon Purie and the Pakipanjabi Xtian gangsters in command

  2. Dear Sir,
    I already bought both volumes.. But instead of this Amazon, can PGurus instead sell the same online from PGurus site, where all PGurus, and nationalist type books can be sold here

      • Also Sir, though I have the copies, my Offer is an upcoming Indian site, fighting against the Foreigners like Amazon, who use Indian money to destroy India and Indians, just like Netflix a White treacherous Xtian company of ROG=Religion of Racist Genocide
        Here is my offer. There are some good books on the site. i would sponsor, 5 books each of following
        1. NDTV Frauds
        2. Sonia Gandhi , her Lies, her Manipulations
        3. TRUTHS
        Anybody wanting to buy these but cannot afford can put his address here on PGurus site and I will pay for them. I want people to read these great books. Others are in Tamil and I could not know about them
        I would also request PGurus Team to put Sree Iyer Sir’s, Sandeep Balakrishnan and other Nationalist authors books on this site. I would try to sponsor as I can, BUT PLEASE DO READ THESE BOOKS AND UNDERSTAND THE CONSPIRACIES AGAINST THE LAST HEATHEN CIVILIZATION


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