Sree Iyer on the hypocrisy of the US Tech companies

Are companies like Google, Facebook, Apple facing huge lawsuits because of the way they use consultants? Are these "politically correct" companies exploiting consultants? A compelling watch!

References – 1. Google Is at Risk for a Massive Employment Lawsuit. Your Company Might Be Too
2. Google’s Shadow Work Force: Temps Who Outnumber Full-Time Employees
3. Google Gets a Wake-Up Call From Contractors. Is Your Company Next?
4. Which Companies Generate the Highest Revenue Per Employee?

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  1. It should be noted that USA is following Capitalism and Socialism. Those who have talent and know the way to do business can do that on their own and earn money.
    1. You say that Google, Apple and other tech companies are reporting revenue per employee without adding the contractors. What is wrong with that? They are not employees and no benefits are given to them. They are only contractors either directly for their business or helping in other ways such as canteen employees, drivers, premises maintenance etc. etc. Even if they employ for their tech work, it is their way of business and they want to make profit. Reporting is also legal and way of doing business is also legal. This is happening through out the world and in India also, where we do not follow full capitalism.
    2. You have mentioned that companies are registered in Ireland where tax rate is small. Why not US government reduce the rate of tax? When US industry are operating worldwide and take advantage of labour rates, why not they take advantage to register in Ireland or any other country and use the tax laws in a better way. If really the US government want to restrict, let them enact laws so that industries registered in other countries cannot do business in USA. You are a free country, as you preach and you cannot do that.
    3. These reporting of revenue per employee etc are not going to reduce the stock value. Only the profit and distribution of dividend to share holders will be considered by the general public, while valuing of stock.
    4. The world body such as UN should take immediate steps to restrict all the countries to print currency notes on the basis of the Gold Reserve, which should be inspected by the body. If this is followed then Foreign Exchange rates will be realistic and all countries will be competitive on the basis of labour force availability and the production.

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