Sree Iyer on what changes India needs to do to get its combination right for the 1st test at Chennai

Will Hardik Pandya play as a pure batsman? If yes, will India switch back to four bowlers? Don't Shardul Thakur and Washington Sundar deserve another chance? Who makes way for Bumrah? What about Virat Kohli? All these and more answered in this must-watch video.


  1. England have a clearly consistent history of toppling higher-ranked teams while, at the same time, falling to lower-ranked ones across all formats of the game of cricket. They are highly effective disruptors of cricket hierarchy, so to speak. Also, Joe Root has debuted against India, had a wonderful record against it, and been laudably leading his test team.

    India, on the other hand, have lacked consistency, performed contrary to what’s expected of them, and had lady luck on their side during their wins. Also, after Sachin Tendulkar Virat Kohli is the least impactful captain, as exemplified by his IPL record as well as Ajinkya Rahane’s contrasting attitude and latest test captaincy.

    In summary, we don’t expect anything from India from their history. We are in for surprises, either way: pleasant or unpleasant.


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