Sree Iyer speech at Houston, Texas on Oct 26, 2018 on Is India transitioning into a vibrant, global economy?

A critical analysis of the 4.5 year reign of NDA, looking at the positives and negatives and the road ahead.


  1. There is no doubt about the long strides made by India not only in the economic field, but in every visible aspect of development in the country–and over the years, though the efforts have certainly been more focussed in the current NDA rule under PM Modi. And, in fact, it is the development index that is the cause of so much inside unrest among the opposition camp (led by the FAMILY-the curse for the nation) and also of the ever increasing degree of infiltration and terrorist threats from across the border, not only from Pakistan but also Bangladesh. Our economic development is simply stupendous, and the cause of heartburn among our neighbors and the West plus China!
    If only we could tackle the menace of corruption, living in India would be it would have been like living in heaven.
    I can say this with my lifelong experience in being a fighter against corruption and the anti-India activities and 35 years in the IRS investigating/unearthing inter alia tax frauds/evasion [ref. Shah Commission and Maruti Commission reports-proscribed by Mrs. Gandhi on her return to power in 1981].


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