Sree Iyer takes on Naseeruddin Shah and Annie Raja on Intolerance in India comment

Around election time, it is routine for individuals in India and abroad with the help of selective narratives, condemning the NaMo govt. This video lays bare their hypocrisy.


  1. Sri Iyer understands the huge game plan that is being orchestrated to bring down Modi, Already foreign agencies such as Cambridge Analytica is advising Rahul Gandhi to keep lying on Rafale deal. Then there are people like Shah who suddenly find India frighteningly insecure to live in after making so much fame and wealth. Along comes Pakistan, sponsoring lies by claiming that there never was a surgical strike while Imran Khan suddenly is concerned for the Sikhs and the Hindus; opening the Kartarpur Corridor, declaring the Panch Tirath Hindu site a national heritage. Definitely there is a concerted effort to bring down Modiji but it seems to only empower him as Hindus unite. Its the likes of Sri Iyer and Dr. Subramanian Swamy who are providing the cover like Lord Krishna in the Mahabharata war.

  2. This muslim actor n.shah himself says his wife is ”liberral’ ..coming from a libeRRal family.

    Ditto for wives of amir khan , saif ali khan pataudi , shah rukh khan ..they are all ”libbeRRal”.

    Certainly not one of US Hindus. Hence let us steer clear of hindu-muslim bhai bhai treacly slogans.

  3. Even if javed akthar has allegedly made some pro ”secular” (muslims & christians appeasing India to the detriment of Hindus) India noises people like Sree.Iyer should not fall for such treacherous flattery.

    It has aaaalways been people like javed akthars , shabana azmis etc of bollywood that have consistently been anti Hindus , anti VHP , anti Sri.Ram Temple , anti BJP , pro BEEF consumption , pro Cow slaughter & stridently pro rohingya muslims despite overwhelming evidence of their violent killings & conversions of Hindus very recently.

    Even the supine weak kneed apppeaser hajpayee ( vajpayee & advani were renamed thus by indomitable Varsha Bhosle ‘hajpayee & hadvani respectively when they started appeasing muslims) was
    blamed on flimsiest pretexts by the same treacherous lisping javed akthar in prannoy roy’s Hindu baiting show aired on bbc . Urban naxals like baldie shekar guptas , javed akthars , even kollywood bimbo kushboos were invited as ‘judges’ in that show choreographed by the most diabolical urban naxal prannoy roy.

    In addition to the above , jayanthi natarajans , yechurys & similar anachronistic marxists hailing from West Bengal were permanent fixtures.

    Hindus are SUCKERS for flattery.

    I would rather have javed akthars , farhan akthars , naseeruddin shahs quit India for Timbaktu , Syria , Iraq , Saudi Arabia , Somalia , Nigeria than exist as toxic parasites within HINDUS’ Bharath.

    His bitter half the second wife shabana azmi is no less . While in Cannes attending the film festival representing India she & whichever nutcase accompanied her were completely ignored . At once she got in touch with shyam benegal who asked them to drape Kanjeevaram silk sarees , sport bindi , flowers etc & strut around. To their surprise found Europeans bestowing a look on them for the first time. YET , had no qualms mocking a HINDU woman in craftily contrived movie ‘ A plate of rice’ wherein the muslim played by naseeruddin shah is portrayed suave , enlightened..blah blah & the Hindu Woman an obscurantist , uncouth & as abhorrent as possible.

    There you have bollywood scum split wide open.

  4. I fail to understand why so much importance is attached to what Naseeruddin Shah or for that matter Prakash Raj etc say. After all they are ordinary mortals like the 125 crore people of this country. They have their prejudices, idiosyncrasies etc. They have their selfish end to meet. Is it not a fact that they are out and out anti BJP, anti Modi, pseudo secular individuals? These boot-lickers of the fake Gandhis and the loot-paat ki party have earned so much name, fame and wealth in this Hindu majority country but have they ever raised their voice for the lakhs of Kashmiri Pandits who are living like refugees in their own country. Have they ever condemned stone pelting on our armed forces, spoken against the separatist elements in J&K? Have they ever condemned the political murders by TMC goons in WB, the anti India sloganeering by tukde tukde gang in JNU and AMU? Did they open their mouth when Taslima Nasreen was hounded by the leftist govt of WB, condemned the fatwa against Rushdi? Have they ever condemned cross border terrorism by Pakistan?
    Fact is that these pseudo seculars are actually anti BJP, anti Hindu, communal elements in the guise of civil society. We should care two hoots for the remarks by these elements.


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