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Letter to IRF-RT: Reject Islamic propaganda against India

Dear Mr Greg Mitchell. Namaskar! Regarding the letter circulated by IRF-RT (International Religious Freedom Roundtable) campaign to collect signatures, propagated by Hindus for Human Rights and...

With Abhijit Iyer Mitra on the ground situation in Kashmir now

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Mobile networks restored across Kashmir valley , internet services to be...

Kashmiris' looking forward to a bright future and peaceful tourist season, not talking about the abrogation of Article 370 On Monday when the state administration...

Pakistani meltdown over Article 370 touches a raw nerve

As Arab countries heap Narendra Modi with honours and awards, Pakistani commentators point out Pakistan’s view of itself and Muslim Ummah was a lie...

Chilkur supports Removal of Article 370

The Modi government's decisions, to neuter Article 370 of our Constitution and to reorganise the State of Jammu and Kashmir, are truly epochal. Article 370...

Respect the 2019 mandate, repeal divisive Article 35A and Article 370

The mandate was massive and it was against Article 35A and Article 370 and for total integration of J&K into India. On April 8, 2019,...

Time for abrogation of invidious, Anti-Indian Article 35-A has come

If Article 35A goes, a lot of Kashmir leaders will be jobless Article 35-A of the Indian Constitution has changed the political scene of Jammu...


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