Chilkur supports Removal of Article 370

We, the patriotic Indians in general, and those from the erstwhile State of Jammu and Kashmir strewn across the globe, in particular, are celebrating

Chilkur supports Removal of Article 370
Chilkur supports Removal of Article 370

The Modi government’s decisions, to neuter Article 370 of our Constitution and to reorganise the State of Jammu and Kashmir, are truly epochal.

Article 370 was the veritable foundation on which the bigoted Muslim State of J&K was raised on the territory of secular India.

It took extraordinary political will and immense courage, to dismantle the privileged edifice that sustained jihad in Kashmir.

No wonder this ‘temporary‘ provision in our Constitution took so many decades to go. We, the patriotic Indians in general, and those from the erstwhile State of Jammu and Kashmir strewn across the globe, in particular, are celebrating. Individuals or groups, speaking in our name to cast aspersions on the decisions or to attribute questionable motives, are a bunch of imposters trying to sow confusion and vitiate the atmosphere.

They never spoke up or acted as Kashmiri Pandits in the past even when the community was subjected to blood and gore and hounded out of the valley. Their dubious role in the past vis a vis the matter of Hindu genocide in Kashmir is a matter of record.

Time and again they have emerged from the ranks of victims and survivors, only to collaborate with the perpetrators of our genocide. We, the resilient Kashmiri Hindus and Sikhs, patriotic Kashmiri Muslims, valiant Dogras, proud Ladakhis and the rest of the conscientious Indians hail these emancipating decisions and cannot wait to see them implemented, resolutely, on the ground.

We want all the thousands of temples demolished in Kashmir to be revived.

We promise our unflinching support to the government for this cause and are available to contribute in all the manner we can.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.



  1. The whole of Kashmir is the part of Bharat, the MAHABHARAT, and all the thousands of temples destroyed by Muslim Immigrants, must be rebuilt as soon as possible to bring back heavenly peace for everyone to live and enjoy the spiritual part of the world.

  2. Yes, we need to protect Dharma, if we want to peace and justice in life. It is a must, so said Dharmo rakshati rakshita. In the way to protect Dharma, we have to protect Dharmik. Because without Dharmik there won’t be Dharma. It is duty of every citizen to protect and support Dharmik and eliminate the Rakshas.

  3. It was very painful, how for 72years we were ignorant of such venomous article #370 & 35A, ruining our country. We have to thank Mr.Modiji team for bringing us to light.

    • The abrogation of 370 does not require any support from anybody since it is inherent and logically embedded by the Makers who have their first consent of its annulment. Whether it was temporary or permanent is also irrelevant. Why they did not scrap despite their consent is a question just like why the account was not credited by fifteen lakhs despite promise? Why black-money did not come despite assurances? The promises and assurances were true jumlas. But the provision of abrogation was not a jumla. It is a fact well documented. For some this fact was irritating just like a scratch record. Instead of changing the record they removed the needle and the player is still on now with a broken record. If peace and calmness prevails then the timely removal of needle is justified. Otherwise broken records will create unpleasant sight and the device now cannot be switched-off. The situation afte the abrogation will become beyond control and worse than the earlier one. The presence of Article 370,35A was good or its absence will take a long time to be judged. Meanwhile we should have good and not high hopes.


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