Chidambaram’s Lungi Dance

Chidambaram’s Lungi Dance

Chidambaram’s Lungi Dance



  2. Some localities of Anantapur in Andhrapradesh say that, Chidambaram is the main reason for demise of Puttaparthi saibaba, when baba decided to donate the good amount of trust money to farmers of Anantapur who are hit with drought, mr Chidambaram is part of trust and anticipated the loss of trust funds with this donations and created the master plan. May be this should be the mistery behind his death. This can also be investigated.

  3. Chidambaram is a hard nut to crack. Unless otherwise a third class treatment is given to him in front of karti and vice versa to chidambaram, no truth can be extracted from these two criminals.

  4. Chidambaram is a hard not to crack. Unless otherwise a third class treatment is given to him in front of karti and vice versa to chidambaram, no truth can be extracted from these two criminals.

  5. ● The world’s biggest scam committed by the Congress is yet to open …… very big Congressmen and bureaucrats will be caught. That is why Chidambaram is being repeatedly given bail.

    ● The world’s biggest scam will open after 2019, which may not have happened anywhere in the world and the main accused of this great scandal is Chidambaram.

    ● Why the sudden demonetization decision was taken and why Pakistan’s economy broke down ??

    ● The evidence will also come out. Checking up

    ● PM Modi stopped the scam by demonetisation, but after that it came out that many notes of the same number, which looked like real, were going on in the country. These were such notes, which were almost impossible to identify as they were printed on the same paper on which the Indian government printed the note.

    ● “De La Roo”, a British company, together with then Finance Minister P Chidambaram was playing a big game, which also included his Additional Secretary Ashok Chawla and Finance Secretary Arvind Mayaram.

    ● How was the scam game played ???

    ● The scandal started in 2005 when Arvind Mayaram was the Finance Secretary in the Finance Ministry and Ashok Chawla was the Additional Secretary.

    ● After the Congress came to power, in 2006, the Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited was formed, a company headed by Arvind Mayaram and chairman Ashok Chawla. That is, two government officials were running their company in additional charge while staying in their respective posts.

    ● Thus, appointments need to be approved by placing the subject in front of the Appointments Committee of Cabinet (ACC).
    ● But when did Chidambaram care about rules and regulations which he would do now ??

    ● That is, the subject of these appointments was not brought before the ACC and they were appointed as such, which was completely illegal in this view.

    ● After this the real game started. Ashok Chawla and Arvind Mayaram, who are said to be Chidambaram’s right and left hand in the scam, told the Reserve Bank of India Note Printing Private Limited (BRBNMPL), which deals with the printing of the notes, that the security paper printing in collaboration with their company Find the supplier after which the security paper used to print the notes from the de la Roo company that has already been blacklisted Kept.

    ● Was Chidambaram bribed for this? Chidambaram was being given money by this British company or by Pakistan’s ISI ??

    ● It is a matter of serious investigation.

    ● During the financial year 2009-10, CBI raided around 70 branches of various banks along the Indo-Nepal border to detect fake currency rackets, so fake currency was caught from banks itself.

    ● When questioned, the officials of those bank branches told the CBI that the notes which were recovered by the CBI in raids, they were received by the RBI itself.

    ● This was a very serious disclosure because according to this the RBI also seemed involved in the game of fake notes!

    ● However, this important news was not considered necessary by the media of this country because the Congress was in power at that time.

    ● Following this revelation, the CBI also raided the Reserve Bank of India and surprisingly a huge amount of 500 and 1,000 rupee notes were caught.

    ● Surprisingly, almost the same counterfeit currency was smuggled into India by Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI.

    ● Now the question arose as to how these fake notes reached the basements of the Reserve Bank of India? After all what was going on in the country ??

    ● The Shailabhadra Committee was constituted for investigation and in 2010, the committee was shocked when it came to know that how the Government of India itself contracted the printing of 1 lakh crores to America, Britain and Germany by keeping the economic sovereignty of the entire nation at stake. was given!!!

    ● Upon investigation, it was known that the scam was going on in the De La Rue company itself. Under a conspiracy, the security of security paper used in printing Indian currency was being reduced so that Pakistan could easily print fake Indian currency and it could be used to spread terrorism in India !!

    ● De La Roo Company was banned by the Government of India as soon as this news came to light.

    ● But Arvind Mayaram continued to take security papers from this blacklisted company. He took permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs to take it.

    ● It was said that this file was not shown to Chidambaram even though it is not worth believing that if any letter is sent from the Ministry of Finance to the Home Ministry, it is presented before the Finance Minister for approval.

    ● The security feature of the security paper being given to India from the De La Roo Company was being reduced. This company also works for printing security paper for Pakistan. Then it was alleged that the security paper of India was being given secretly to Pakistan by this company so that Pakistan would be easy to print fake currency of India.

    ● Here the name of Pak ISI came out that the employees of the company were bribed by ISI. But why was Arvind Mayaram involved in this game? Why did they keep taking paper from the blacklisted company ???

    ● When the Modi government came to power in 2014, then Home Minister Rajnath Singh came to know that such a huge breakup was going on. After this, he stopped taking security papers from the De La Rue company.

    ● It was also revealed that security paper was being purchased from this company at a very expensive price, that is, this company was looting the country and the finance ministry of the country was helping the foreign company in this work !!

    ● When the news of this black act of Mayaram came to the PMO, the PMO took up the matter seriously and got it investigated by the Chief Vigilance Commissioner.

    ● The Chief Vigilance Commissioner sought a file related to this from the Ministry of Finance. At this time, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had become. Despite this, the Ministry of Finance delayed filing the file.

    ● After this, the matter came directly to the notice of Prime Minister Narendra Modi through PMO and then Modi himself took action.

    ● Then the file reached the Chief Vigilance Commissioner.

    ● Did Jaitley delay in filing the files or did the Congress spouses who are sitting in the finance ministry? This thing could not be cleared.

    ● If Modi does not do demonetization, this game of fake currency would go on. Demonetisation by Home Minister Rajnath Singh and PM Modi stopped taking security papers from De La Rue, due to which the printing of fake currency by Pakistan was very less and that is why the terrorist incidents which became common in ten years of Congress, they were In the era of the Modi government, there was little.

    ● Apart from Kashmir, there was no bomb blast in any state of the country. Money reaching the terrorists which was stopped.

    ● PM Modi conducted the investigation and charges were framed against Mayaram by the Chief Vigilance Commissioner and CBI.

    ● The charge against which Mayaram has been framed, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot appointed him as the Economic Advisor as soon as the Congress Government was formed in Rajasthan. That is, he has made a patchworker his financial advisor.

    ● At the same time, Ashok Chawla’s name also appeared in Chidambaram’s Aircel-Maxis scam.

    ● Subsequently, Ashok Chawla had to resign as Chairman and Public Interest Director of the Board of Directors of National Stock Exchange of India Limited.

    ● In July 2018, CBI named Chidambaram as an accused in the Aircel-Maxis case. The CBI had filed a charge sheet against Chidambaram, his son Karti and 16 others, including former Union Secretary for Economic Affairs Ashok Kumar Jha, the then Additional Secretary Ashok Chawla, Joint Secretary Kumar Sanjay Krishna and Director Deepak Kumar Singh, Under Secretary Ram Sharan. Are.

    ● It is clear from this whole matter that Chidambaram looted the country from not only one or two, but from wherever he could.

    ● Chidambaram and his son Karti Chidambaram looted together a lot and not only bureaucrats have been involved in this game but also many Chidambaram devotees are sitting in the judiciary, who are still protecting him from going to jail.

    ● The loot was distributed among all and if Chidambaram went to jail, the blankets of the CBI and ED would not be able to bear them even one day and they would spew.

    ● If this happens, all will go to jail. This is why Chidambaram is given anticipatory bail each time.

    ● But it is also believed that Modi ji, this time Chidambaram is going to be put in jail and then many other buried dead will also come out.

    ● How and who looted the country, everyone will be punished one by one. Mother-son and many Congress leaders, including Congress sputtering bureaucrats, will arrive behind bars.

    • Mr.Bist, People do not know these corrupt work by senior congis and their henchmen.I am flabbergasted the way they looted us.Even death sentence is too less for these basxxrds.
      As you have more details of their corrupt work, I request you write a blog in detail.

  6. Chidambaram ragasiyam routed govt money and assets outcome in slow motion only…when it will come fast and make access it for public use..govt do fast…and lot of politicians in Congress and alliances in Kerala , tamilnadu, puduchery, having black money and assets.that money and assets wants for lot poor peoples in india.modiji easily picked that money and assets to poor peoples.. waiting modi ji..
    Su . Srinivasan, mullai satta kulu

  7. Highly condem…it’s not lungi…it’s dhothi a part of Tamil culture…to take on an individual dont degrade Tamil costumes…we are a great race…if we get offended then every thing is over…please media understand…and dont cross Lakshman Rekha….

    • Yes Dr.D.Prabhu, I agree with you. Let the media not shame our rich Tamil Culture. The Cartoonist couldn’t differentiate a Lungi and a Dhoti. The way Ex FM & Home Minister was treated is like a third rated Criminal. Strongly condemn the ruling Central Government. Democracy has now become Demo crazy. Jai Hind…

      • Lungi dance term was coined in the Shah rukh khan moviewhy fake outrage now… when maintained silence earlier… Lungi is our attire most commonly worn in the south… be proud of it…don’t find venues to outrage over everything

    • Shut your mouth , nobody is going over your tradition . You can’t see him as a bloody corrupt Indian if at all he would have been from different state then you would be very happily making joke of him as well as his state.
      And by the way you can do no xxxxing shit


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