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The Corona Crisis: President’s Rule, the only way out in Maharashtra?

The World facing the biological disaster by the disease popularly known as COVID-19 due to the Coronavirus has not left India where the number...

Mumbai’s Coronavirus battle – Apocalypse now?

The nationwide lockdown announced by the Indian Prime Minister in late March to stave off the impending Coronavirus pandemic, overnight transformed the life of...

Wake-up call for all

The current floods and consequent disruption of life is a wake-up call for all of us. In fact, the last wake up call. I have...

Salaam Mumbai! A tribute to the city’s undying spirit

No one can kill the spirit of Mumbai!! Salaam Mumbai!! Salaam Mumbai!! Yesterday I did not see any Marathi, Gujju, Bhaiyya, Bihari, Tamilian, Bong, Sindhi, Panju,...


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