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The First 100 Day Resistance Agenda

Trump’s First 100 Day agenda includes repealing environmental regulations, Obamacare, and the Dodd-Frank Act, giving the rich a huge tax cut, and much worse....

Will Trump Make America Great Again?

Trump Presidency - A new world order? The unexpected happened. All US pollsters were pointing to an easy Clinton win while the citizens of America...

Will Hillary Clinton Get America Back on Track?

The parallels are striking. In the last decades of the nineteenth century – the so-called “Gilded Age”— America experienced inequality on a scale it...

The Trust Destroyers

Donald Trump’s warning that he might not accept the results of the presidential election exemplifies his approach to everything: Do whatever it takes to...

The Real Scandal of Trump Paying No Taxes

According to the New York Times, Donald Trump declared a $916 million loss on his 1995 tax returns – which could have allowed him...

After Trump

I recently got a call from a political analyst in Washington. “Trump is dropping like a stone,” he said, convincingly. “After Election Day, he’s...

The Real Threat to American Sovereignty

"Without a border, we just don’t have a country,“ Donald Trump says repeatedly. For him, the biggest threats to American sovereignty are three-dimensional items...

#USPresident – The Real Reckoning

In her speech accepting the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton said the nation was at “a moment of reckoning.” She’s right, but the reckoning is...

Does Hillary Get It?

Does Hillary Clinton understand that the biggest divide in American politics is no longer between the right and the left, but between the anti-establishment...

Trump – The Huckster Populist

The tectonic plates of American politics are no longer moving along the old fault lines of “left” versus “right” or even Democrat versus Republican. As...


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