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#WeekdaysNewsCapsule Episode 46 Election Update, China playbook, India response

Sree Iyer: Hello and welcome to PGurus Channel and welcome to this episode of the weekly new capsule,  episode number 46. I have with...

Sree Iyer on whether BCCI has killed the goose that lays...

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Romanticising US election results

There has been a surge of romanticism in India over the US results Something funny is happening in India in the aftermath of the US...
Bidengate refuses to go away; Congress votes down Senate version of the Stimulus package; China trying to stop nations from recognizing Taiwan, nervous after losing to India in Galwan and Tesla Motors - how much higher will it go?

Episode 14 of Daily Updates with Sridhar – the topics covered...

Transcription: Sree Iyer: Hello and welcome to PGurus channel. I'm your host Sree Iyer. Today is Thursday the 22nd. We have a lot of news...


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