#WeekdaysNewsCapsule Episode 46 Election Update, China playbook, India response

#WeekdaysNewsCapsule #Episode46 As events unfold in the US Elections, we walk through each contested state and its status. Also discussed are China's strategy worldwide and how India is responding to it. A must watch!

Sree Iyer: Hello and welcome to PGurus Channel and welcome to this episode of the weekly new capsule,  episode number 46. I have with me  Sridhar ChityalaJi. SridharJi  Namaskar and welcome to PGurus Channel.

Sridhar Chityala: Namaskar, and good morning sir. looking forward to a great Friday and the weekend, sir.

Sree Iyer: Sir, more action in various States and we are going to jump directly into that. Viewers our list of things that we are going to cover today are the United States elections, then the coronavirus then China’s actions around the world and one of the countries that are responding to that which is India will be coming in last. So, take it away and let us start with what is happening on the US election state wise, we will start with the first state which happens to be this Wisconsin, sir.

Sridhar Chityala: Great. I think that in the Wisconsin State one Supreme Court judgment came against Trump stating that there were some procedural issues. It was a contentious 4-3 ruling and they suggested they should make an appeal to the Circuit Court. The Circuit Court is set up by, I don’t remember the exact name, I think, Wisconsin is either Amy or Brett Kavanaugh. Then, Trump and his team have filed another case against the electoral officers, which is the governor the secretary and the officials stating the whole process was Fraudulent. So, I think we are inching towards in Wisconsin; we are inching towards potentially a SCOTUS very soon.

Sree Iyer: Let’s move on to Michigan’s. There’s a lot of activity in Michigan, isn’t it?

Sridhar Chityala: I think Michigan is one objectively looks at it, you know, I can probably spend next 25 minutes discussing Michigan and you know, I watched the video the evidential video for the first time. They had the Senate hearings but restricted to the affidavit people, but yesterday was Rudy Giuliani was given. So, Rudy brought a set of people and what comes out of that meeting is the extent of abuse that is prevalent and many people were quite emotional. For example, we had somebody comment about the backdating of the votes directly to the United States Postal Service that’s first.  Second, when they found the dropbox ballot votes being mishandled, they were abused and harsh words were spoken by the vote counting officials and when they were sent off the field they were even kind of marked at and clapped.

Another instance, you have an observance of somebody making a noise which is to say we have a data warehouse problem and then a truckload of votes come in and that being kind of counted, when some of these officials were not present. They are talking about close to you know, 400,000 votes or somewhere of that specific order. Apparently at that point of time when this was going on Trump was up by about a hundred thousand votes. This is all the video, Okay, people can see these videos and pick up.  And then when these people were making their observations in the hearings and the officials or the elected officials were reluctant to continue and trying to stop,  I have finished my conversation, I have finished my conversation.  It’s almost like, I don’t want to listen to you any further. You may have some data but I don’t want to listen to you. That’s a very striking observation to me in Michigan. I can go on but in the interest of time, we got to move.

Sree Iyer: Yes, sir. And let’s take a look at Pennsylvania next.

Sridhar Chityala: Pennsylvania, Mike Kelly’s petition was dismissed and then it is going to Supreme Court it very clear. They made any comment, the Supreme Court looks like, though they say George Bush appointee, the ruling was wrong and he had an option to reset the ruling. He chose not to so, so it’s going to SCOTUS as Mike Kelly is the Republican senator representative in Pennsylvania. Also, the senators in Pennsylvania have made a resolution asking the governor to convene the legislature, so the whole polling can be discussed and my view is they could even pursue that path of regaining the control of how they nominate the electors.

Sree Iyer:  Okay, sir. Next one is, Georgia.

Sridhar Chityala: Well, I think George is another classic example because Sidney Powell has got two kinds of marquee states now, the third one is emerging as Arizona. The two marquee states,  number one is Georgia and number two is Michigan. I think we discussed that 32 cases, 32-point submission. So, in Georgia, they asked for this, 36 hours stay, so, that they can play the tape. When they play this tape, they find, you remember this famous pipe burst and there was a  no Pipe burst and people were asked to leave and then they were still the Democratic counters as well as observers inside. They find that people coming in, it’s a kind of a choreographed very nicely orchestrated real-time, real incident video.  If I was Ken, I really will be biting my tongue and saying, under my administration would I be having this type of accountability, of administering and running a process. People coming in, you have these suitcases of votes, people wheeling in suitcases. Now, this cannot be a caricature, this is from the security camera at the polling centre.  So, suitcases being wheeled in and counting happening and possible that the vote count changed quite dramatically. Now, this is the area where they also have forensic evidence which points out they were connected to servers potentially in China and Iran.

This is a case where Dr. Nia came in and gave explicit evidence as to how the systems could have been compromised in Georgia. Now when the court suggested or in directed that they should not reset and eliminate the forensic evidence. Today, these people are pleading that they want that to be cleaned up and the system to be reset, giving you an indication, what exactly is the intent here?

So, while this goes on, there are about 6.7 million registered voters in Georgia, already for the runoff 1 million postal ballots have been sort, Okay, so is it looks like,  they have mastered this game of using this postal ballots as a tool to control and manage the election almost reminiscent of what we used to see in nations such as India, Venezuela and so on. That’s very striking about Georgia.

Sree Iyer: Let’s cast an eye on Nevada. Nevada also is one place where USB drives have been used and this is allegedly contravening a lot of rules. So, what’s happening in Nevada, sir?

Sridhar Chityala: Nevada has two very simple facts,  one is they did the audit on the 3% sample, they found that there is a number of fraudulent kind of defrauded votes in that. That’s when they discovered, you know people with Army Camps and army parks and people rising from the dead to come and vote for Mr Biden because they probably forgot to vote when they were alive for Democratic Party and also some of the addresses were pointing to the hotels.  And one of the big things that were pointed out by Dorothy Morgan, one of the data analyst is that she saw abnormal spikes and that was reaffirmed that the USB drives were used basically to reset the counts. This is all alleged and through affidavits represented in each of these legislators.


Sree Iyer: So, when somebody files an affidavit, what do they say? It is my belief, I mean, what is the proof behind the affidavit?

Sridhar Chityala: In an affidavit, he says that it is not only my belief it is,  I see,  I claim, I swear that this is what has what happened based on my knowledge and based on my experience, having worked, having done, having seen is what they say. So it’s not just you can’t make an allegation, you have to stand by what you say right? I see a tree there, I now, swear on this document, I only see a tree there. You cannot see herb or a shrub and say I swear. I see I go to jail if I actually find that. So, an affidavit is an evidential document that stands the test of proof in the court of law.

Sree Iyer:  And finally on the State of Arizona sir.

Sridhar Chityala: I think the State of Arizona on behalf of the key message that’s coming out is that the legislators believe that there is there some issue on behalf of the 11d legislators in Arizona Republican. Sydney Powell has filed a suit that the electoral process was fraudulent.

Sree Iyer: So, I just do, two takeaways from what is just playing up.  One is that the presidency of the country itself is in doubt whether it is going to be a Republican or a Democrat. The second is these two Senate seats in Georgia, which will essentially alter the balance in the Senate. So now, some might say that the Republicans are keeping the issue hot so that they can get a favourable verdict in the Georgia Senate races.

We don’t know but, what we are trying to do here viewers is to objectively give you, every state status as these court cases wind up the most important ones will, of course, be decided at the SCOTUS and this is still, in my opinion, early days because you still have about 10 days before the December 14th deadline. So let us wait and see, how this plays out? Do subscribe to our channel and let’s move on to Covid sir. We are about 10 minutes into our program. We have about 6 to 7 minutes left. Let’s get the pace going sir, covid-19 next.

Sridhar Chityala: The Covid situation is deeply concerning to many people. I think we are now around 61 million. Whether it is media advocacy or whether it is the reality of what you are dealing with when I say the reality of what I’m dealing with here is, I’ve lost quite a few friends and relatives in the last few months and absurd, transformative changes in their health patterns in a very short span of time before the end comes, it is quite tragic when you kind of internalize it. But it’s like this, you have a problem when people have to kind of dispense with the problem. So the situation as far as the United States is concerned the covid is revved-up, there are 275 thousand deaths now, and around 14 million cases, on the contrary, you look at India, India is touching close to 10 million. But the recovery rate is almost 94%. Somebody tells me it’s 96%, somebody says 98%, whatever those numbers are, it is exceptionally high in terms of the numbers. Only less than 2% are active cases. What is important from the covid point of view is Pfizer, which originally had 100 million bottles of vaccines they reduced it to about 50 million or 40 million that gave a little bit of hiccup, but then they quickly said ‘look we are going to ramp it up and it is only because of the delay in test.’ So the story is while this goes on, you have Pfizer getting into the market, you will have Moderna getting into the market, you have Covaxine plus one more thing in India. Russia is already launching a massive vaccination program. The UK has given go-ahead even while we contemplate to Pfizer-BioNTech. So what’s happening is that there is seems to be a defined program to get this going. Dr Fauci is been invited by Biden to take on a much more active role in managing and orchestrating. And Dr Sului who is currently the advisor managing the program for President Trump has stated that he expects 100 million people to have been vaccinated by April, May, that’s almost close to one-third of the population. So they will probably complete vaccinating in the United States by end of the year as more and more vaccines come up. India is a large country. I don’t have the timeline, but many of these countries in Europe, they will probably get through that process really quickly. There has been this effect of side effects and so on and so forth, but the first objective is to preserve the life, treat it, and then look at the other things as time goes on. So covid is I believe that despite the hiccup, Pfizer will see a defined program going forward.

Sree Iyer: So let’s take a look at China, now China seems to have a simple playbook that is playing out in many countries of the world. And what we have seen now is a very clear six or seven-point approach that they have used across all these countries. So can we just take a quick look at what China is up to including planting fake news?

Sridhar Chityala: Well, yesterday Gordon and Chang, gave an interesting insightful interview here in which is he points out, there are three things that China is doing in the United States, one is obviously, this interference through it’s implanted set of intelligent people that’s one thing that they’re doing. Second, they have been promoting advocacy by a media, which is China is pro-friendly, pro-business. They also using their partners here, which is namely that the tech companies. It’s very interesting that bipartisan resolution was passed around the Uighur Muslim Community who are not only being abused and the human rights suppression, but some of them being used as slave labour for the production of let’s say Apple phones and so on and so forth. While you have this advocacy going on, on one side you find the tech companies telling the lawmakers. ‘Hey, you know, this is going to impact and you should not be imposing the ban.’ So you have this orchestrated thing here, then you go to Asia, you can see implanted articles right which talks about, ‘Hey, China is back in RCEP. China wants to be CPTPP. China is now having a strategic engagement with Japan. Tt wants to now create a consortium which includes Japan and South Korea.’ Remember, Japan and South Korea outside of the United States are the largest domicile investors for manufacturing in China. Many of them started to take their manufacturing out into Vietnam, in India. So you have this orchestration. Then, the meeting that was to take place in Seoul between China, Japan, and Korea, they’re pointing out that it is because of Japan’s Korea issue historical that the meeting has been postponed. This meeting itself in Korea is about the South Korea, North Korea stuff, but why you have kept quite 4 years and all of a sudden when you know, you have a potential change in administration, a series of activities starts gushing out from China. Then you go to India…

Sree Iyer: One last thing, one question, sir. Border roads initiative, there are some headwinds into that also, isn’t it?

Sridhar Chityala: The Border BIARA initiative, the latest one making an inroad is Malaysia. The Malacca Highway, that project is in Malaysia, is being put on hold. Basically, because people are looking at the economics of these projects that look more disproportionate and more seems to be an entrenched conduit of China into this. One other fact since you brought this up and I jogged my memory, they are creating, this is Gordon Chang has made a statement that they’re creating what they call a DNA database. That means they are having profiles of all the key people, this is a global database of politicians and their affiliates around the world. They are creating this database infrastructure, so they can inject and influence knowing the profiles of these people. Now the world is benign and keeping quiet knowing all this stuff that’s going on.

Sree Iyer: Sir, we have about a minute to look at what is happening in India and how India is countering the threat by China, that it is going to build a dam across the Brahmaputra to deny water rights to India. What do you think of that? India doesn’t do the same thing to Pakistan? Should India be retaliating and also how is India planning for this?

Sridhar Chityala: Well, I think that the two things that we already talked about, Galawan one and the Ladakh, Leh situation. So as far as the latest issues, India has been keeping a very close watch. There was a Ministry of External Affairs briefing on this specific topic. They wanted to build on the upper gorges of the Brahmaputra river a huge dam which effectively is going to have a downstream impact particularly into Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and eventually into other parts. So the story is that what India is doing is, it is building a huge hydroelectric dam which will store excess water because there’s no damn today and also use it for hydroelectric power. So, it’s saying that we are keeping a watch, we are ready to combat China on a step-by-step basis and whatever they are attempting to do. The North-East has been a contentious area in the confrontation between India and China. So India, it seems to be up to the mark, be it on the Army in terms of defending and protecting and being ready and organized, it also seems to be getting itself organized in terms of protecting its territory. One more thing it’s doing, it is also establishing what they call five circuit trade routes with Bhutan because Bhutan is another… Bhutan, Tibet, Northeast are kind of big besides the Aksai Chin, the line of control area around the lake. So this is the epicenter of the greater Himalayan region. India seems to be extremely well organized in combating that, as far as Pakistan is concerned which you made a point, India has made a strategic claim which is to say that the POK is ours, Gilgit-Baltistan is ours. So, therefore, I think they will deal with China is a much bigger issue compared to Pakistan.

Sree Iyer: So we are on the cusp of a lot of breaking news and today is Friday, so we will be back again on Monday. Same time Same please. Please do not forget to subscribe. Please refer our channel to your friends and family. We are on our way to grow to 1 million subscribers and once again Sridharji, Thank you very much and we’ll be back on next. Monday and have a nice weekend.

Sridhar Chityala: Thank you. Have a wonderful day everybody.

Sree Iyer: One last thing, on Sunday we are thinking of doing a Tech-Talk. I’m not 100% sure we are going to be able to do that, but do watch our tweets and Facebook posts on the updated information on whether we’re going to be able to go through with our Sunday hangout. Most likely it will be at a little bit later at 9:30 p.m. instead of 9:00 Indian Standard Time and Sridharji I’ll explain to you why I have to push it out a little bit but that should be okay for you, sir. I hope it’s not a problem for you to come in half an hour later and we really liked our hangout yesterday where we talked about the role of a central bank. It was a little technical. However, we haven’t seen any questions from our viewers. If you have to, please watch the thing again, Sridharji is a world mine who has a store of information, this is not easy, banking is not easy. It’s complicated, but it is important to understand what happens in a bank. Thank you. Once again, sir, and see you on Monday.


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