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India to sell Tejas jets to Argentina, Egypt

Big Win for India; Big Boost for HAL Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) chairman C B Ananthakrishnan said at the Aero India 2023 air show that...

Egyptian archaeologist discovers 4,300-year-old, most complete unroyal mummy

The mummy of a man, Hekashepes, covered with gold leaf, was found inside a large rectangular limestone sarcophagus Egypt's renowned archaeologist Zahi Hawass has announced...

World population touches 8 billion; India to surpass China in 2023

India will replace China as the world's most populous nation in 2023, says UN report On Tuesday, November 15, the world’s population touched a mark...

Beware of the Leftists bearing mobs as the gifts

Obama a Leftist and believed its lies Barack Obama believed Leftist lies. He was a Leftist himself and sincerely believed its lies. After the 9/11...

Bomb blast in Cairo, Egypt

On 5th August 2019, in Cairo, Egypt’s capital, in a car bomb blast in front of a hospital, at least 20 people have been...

#BringBackBillions Part 5 – Recovering the wealth of Mubarak

January 25th holds special significance for Egypt. It was the day on which in 1952 British troops massacred police officers in Ismailiya, a town...

#BringBackBillions Part 4 – Egypt and its missing billions

In Part 1, we described the approaches that can be used to bring back Black Money. Part 2 described how Marcos looted Philippines. In...


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