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War Clouds over Europe: Are we prepared?

I had written in 2013 about “Europe Going Down” in my blog, from which I am quoting a few sections below: The European economic and...

Europe makes tryst with doom

The tenacity and perseverance of Islamism are limitless — as also are the capitulation mindset and death wish of liberal democracies, especially those of...

The idea of Europe is dead

IS attacks Brussels airport and metro The Brussels Airport attack by Jihadists again brings to life challenges faced by Europe as we know it. The...

Prof. R Vaidyanathan on Europe Refugee Crisis

Exclusive quote to pGurus.com by Prof. R Vaidyanathan on Europe Refugee Crisis

Eurobia – Dealing with it

In the last two centuries Europe colonised countries in Africa and Asia and now Karma is hitting them. The renowned historian Neil Ferguson compares the...


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