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‘US economy headed China’s way as debt outpaces growth’: Report

US economy could end up like China's as massive debt weighs on growth, market expert says The US economy seems to be heading the China...

India, US discuss G20 cross-border payments, global debt challenges

India & US talk on G20 cross-border payments and global debt challenges India and the US have held wide-ranging discussions on cross-border payments issues including...

Powell’s “Subprime is Contained” Moment

Bernanke got the subprime crisis wrong? “Subprime is Contained” – Fed Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke, March 2007. Bernanke, the then Chair of the Federal Reserve had...

Amid looming global banking crisis, Indian banking system shown impressive resilience

India is well-positioned to tackle the impact of the current US banking crisis and interest rate hikes: CRISIL report Amid the collapse of US-based tech...

Gold at @2000/Oz. How high can it go?

Gold in the Goldilocks zone With Gold touching $2000, this is going to be one of the popular topics for conversations in the media and...

Bitcoin hits below $20K, may reach $10K level this year

After Jerome Powell's keynote address, Bitcoin plunged below $20,000 The world's largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin has plunged once again below $20,000 after showing some stabilization in...

Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies witness a massive slump amid interest rate hike

Federal Reserve's rate hike sends cryptos crashing After the central banks globally tried to control inflation by raising interest rates, cryptocurrencies witnessed a weigh down....

Extraordinary popular delusions at the Eccles

What emerges from latest FOMC meeting indicates a complete lack of macroeconomic fundamentals Never in the history of the world has the financial well-being of...


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