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Temple Runs, Purohit Conference Show Opposition Still Groping in the Dark

From the list of temples being ordered state-wise to the new found love for Pravin Togadia, the Congress still appears to be groping in...

Gujarat Poll Led To Gutter Language – Part 2

The first part of this article can be accessed here. There is another factor that may well have arisen by the criminal defamation case...

Gujarat Polls Led To Gutter Language – Part 1

We got unbelievable gutter language from two brats, Alpesh Thakore of the Congress party, and Jignesh Mevani, an independent candidate in Gujarat Elections It...

Manmohan’s Economics With Truth Has Resulted In Crying Wolf

The “secret” meeting between Pakistan personalities with Manmohan Singh and his brigades was something that raises suspicion Even after his puerile description of India’s November...

The age of flippancy

When facts don’t matter, fickleness and flippancy rule. They surely rule in India. Public opinion, they say, is fickle. We, however, have redefined fickleness: changing...

Gujarat Elections: Lessons For Congress & BJP

Lessons for Congress and BJP from Gujarat Election Gujarat election results are now out. BJP has managed to win the 6th consecutive term, which is no...


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