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History continues to be rewritten, no right wing conspiracy there

Recently, I came across a review on The Hans India “Exploring the other side” of a book titled “Hyderabad 1948; An Avoidable Invasion” written...

Hyderabad emerges as global aerospace industry hub

From manufacturing cabins of the US president's helicopters to fuselages of the world's most advanced combat helicopter - it's all happening here in Hyderabad....

Google plans campus at Hyderabad, more net access: Pichai

New Delhi, Dec 16 - Google will build a new campus at Hyderabad in Telengana state and hire more people, company chief executive Sundar...

India and the new Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Three concerns for India about Taliban 2.0 The return of the Taliban has brought new geoeconomic and geopolitical realities to our neighborhood and guarantees...
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