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Will China come to investment-starved Bengal’s rescue?

Kolkata After hunting for investments in a rather futile way in Singapore and Britain, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee appears to have taken some...




Schools should provide an education that builds children’s confidence, kindles curiosity and creativity, and sharpens intellect, thereby paving the way for a prosperous and enlightened life.

English medium in public school education: The Ills and a Path Forward – Part...

Indian elections had taken place just the previous year, and I was shocked that most of the students didn’t know the distinction between parliament...
The west is now coming round to the view that those who created Sanskrit also created mathematics.

Did Sanskrit create Mathematics?

Incentre, orthocentre, centroid...... how many points/centres of a triangle do you know? 3, 6, 12, all..... Well, do not even try. Triangle may look quite...
Rahul defames India

Rahul defames India