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Bigotry of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are the two outspoken Muslim members of Congress from Democrat party. They usually presume to speak on behalf of...

Hyphenating American Foreign Policy from Middle-Eastern politics

A look back at Middle-East's history Middle-Eastern love for Americans over their European colonial powers led to a long-standing trust in the United States (US)....

Challenge for American politics

It is important for the US State Department to ban the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas & all other Islamic terrorist organizations & their American affiliated...

Why did India vote against US on Jerusalem?

The normally balanced Foreign Policy of the Narendra Modi government took an inexplicable decision to vote against the United States (US) resolution to move...

Learn From Israel

Some facts about Israel 1. Israel has a population of 86,80,000 which is slightly more than that of suburban Mumbai. 2. Area of Israel is 22,072...

Israel visit: Modi’s biggest foreign policy feat

Isn’t it odd that no prime minister of the world’s largest democracy ever visited the only genuinely democratic country in the Middle East for...

Turkish parliament approves reconciliation agreement with Israel

Israel lauds Turkey's approval of reconciliation deal Israel lauded on Saturday that the Turkish parliament has approved a bilateral reconciliation agreement over the...
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