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Trouble brewing in Liberal HQ New York Times?

The aftermath of racial unrest and protests following George Floyd’s death has claimed it’s the first casualty in the newsrooms – James Bennet, a...


Can the same person have 2 birth certificates? One in Delhi and another in Allahabad? What is the racket here? Double benefits? A pan-India scam that one must read the understand!

The AllahaBAD born identity

The previous part of the article can be accessed here. This is part 2. The Allahabad birth certificate had a date of birth which was...
Pilot failed to take the revolt to its logical conclusion. Realizing that his revolt was going nowhere, he capitulated and signed the peace accord.

Pilot grounded. Will he take off? If so, when?

Sachin Pilot been denied the respect and stature that he deserved in the Gehlot government A rebel leader makes peace with his party under two...

Ex-CCP surgeon Dr. Enver Tohti exposes Organ harvesting in CCP-controlled China

For additional reading, pl. read China Tribunal - Final Judgement Also watch discussion with 2017 Nobel Peace Prize nominee Ethan Gutmann on CCP: The Amazon...