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The Legion of merit – NaMo, India and the world.

NaMo is a pedestal of a dream for any politician in the world It is not even a decade, he was denied a visa to...

Wistron cause and effect

Anti-India and anti-Modi forces working to disturb the peace and pace of growth of India There is no smoke without a fire. The ugly episode...

Satish K Sharma on Indian National Congress and UK Labour Party...

British Indian Community Organisations letter to Jeremy Corbyn by PGurus on Scribd

An in-depth conversation with Rajeev Srinivasan on the Foreign Policy of...

 Rajeev Srinivasan post in Swarajya - What Is The Foreign Affairs Angle To The Indian Elections?

Case for Modi 2.0

There's a growing realization that PM Modi needs another term in support of his long-term agenda. This piece offers a unique view of why...


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