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Red state/ Blue state

In the US, there are states which always vote Republican, called Red states and states which always vote Democrat, called Blue states. And cities...

Analyzing 2020 US Presidential Elections

It’s my analysis that 2020 elections may result in GOP gaining majority in Congress as well. There are approximately 26 Democrat presidential Candidates and 2...

The Meaning of Doug Jones’s Upset Victory

In the most Trumpian of all states, Trump has been delivered the most powerful repudiation to date Common sense and decency have prevailed in Alabama....

How many political parties are there in the US?

In this conversation with Prof. R Vaidyanathan (Prof RV) on who really runs the United States, he had defined some new terms such as...




Buy Gold and promote Digital currency for transparency - China is using these two tactics to dislodge the US Dollar. What about India? How should it react? Important pointers.video

Prof M D Nalapat on China’s secret plan to unseat the US Dollar

Read Prof M D Nalapat article at - India Dream calls for ReMo 2020 under PM Modi

Stay Home, Stay Safe! advises Bengaluru Police to its residents

These are testing times. With no end in sight, the city – nay the country or even the world has come to a grinding...