EP 232 | Daily Global Insights | Aug 25, 2021 | Global News | US News | India News | Markets

EP 232 | Daily Global Insights | Aug 25, 2021 | Global News | US News | India News | Markets

Episode 232. Here are the main points discussed:

• The ISIS Threat Emerges, and We Discussed Some Looming Threats
• Afghan Deadline Stays
• Inconsistent G7 Statements between Biden and the Leaders demonstrate emerging differences
• Russia Seems to be emerging from the shadows and Arriving as the Leader filling the Void.


  • Global Headlines Dominated by Afghan and COVID Issues
  • The US Update on Afghanistan
  • Biden Addresses another meaningless Press Conference and Walks Away
  • Biden will not Extend the August 31 Deadline, as Taliban Reiterates Demand for US and Ally forces to Leave
  • The CIA Head meets Taliban Leader in a Secret Meeting in Kabul
  • Ben Sasse urges Biden to tell Taliban, we are getting our people out however long it takes, “Damn the Deadline”
  • House Republicans Demand Answers from Defense Secretary on US Military Equipment Seized by Taliban
  • John Kirby for the second time, acknowledges that Al Qaeda and its affiliates ISIS are in Afghanistan contradicting President Biden
  • Per the Reporting by State and Defense Department There were 11,000 (some say 15,000) Americans in Afghanistan, and of which have been 4,000 Evacuated. There are still 7 to 10,000 Americans to be evacuated and not all want to leave
  • In all 60,000 People have been Evacuated
  • There are about 4,600 US Forces Left and the Draw-Down has started
  • All US citizens and Permanent Residents and Refuges are being Checked at Various Intermediate Points
  • Liz Cheney in her interviews expresses that the Exit Agreement more looks like a surrender agreement
  • US Plans to scrape use of bases on Korea and Japan for Refugees

What is Happening in Afghanistan?

  • Taliban Executed Civilians, recruited Child Soldiers, UN Rights Chief Warns
  • Videos Emerging of Killings and Executions of those who were left Behind and Helped US And Allies
  • Over 5000 Prisoners Released and already signs of Other Terrorist Groups Entering Afghanistan
  • Taliban is Denying and informing US that Afghan Elite should not Leave and will not be allowed
  • Taliban is also informing and announcing that All Afghans attempting to Leave must return home and leave the airport
  • Staying beyond August 31 has potential Security Threats to US Troops from ISIS / Al Qaeda
  • Women Soccer Players Leave Afghanistan in the Evacuation Flight

What do the Global Leaders Say, and G7 Briefing?

  • Biden informs G7 Leaders that Extension of August 31 is not feasible
  • G7 Will be United in their Efforts in Addressing Refugee Needs
  • G7 Leaders Pledge Unity on Sanctions and recognition of Taliban Government
  • Johnson says G7 Leaders all agreed that Deadline Must be Extended to accommodate all Departures After August 31
  • Efforts are being made and US is in communication with Taliban to get all of them Evacuated
  • Staying Beyond August 31 has potential Security Threats
  • Nigel Farage has minced no words in making his point and lists three areas of failure, US is not trustable, He consulted no one in setting the August 31 deadline, He has put many Americans and Allies and Others to be potentially left behind

In Other Global News:

  • Harris Calls for Stronger Supply Chain Coordination with ASEAN Leaders
  • Harris Arrives in Vietnam after three hours delay in Singapore over anomalous Health Incident often referred as Havana Syndrome
  • It is no longer Hamas or Palestine but Iran that is at the Centerpiece of Biden Bennet Discussions
  • Russia Hosts Jordan and Hints at UAE Deal
  • Nigeria Pounded by Spread of Sectarian Killing


  • House Democrats Clear Path Towards Passing $3.5T Budget reconciliation Bill Infrastructure Plan
  • The Coincidental Timing of Pfizer Vaccine Approval
  • Dr Fauci Says he is seeing Light at the End of Pandemic Tunnel by Next Spring
  • Martha Vineyard Hospital, Post Obama Bash, Overrun by COVID 19 Cases
  • Pfizer CEO predicts Vaccine Resistant COVID 19 likely to Emerge


  • India Adopts Wait and Watch Policy for Afghanistan
  • India Russia Form Bilateral Channel for Consultation on Afghanistan
  • UNHRC meets on Afghanistan and India Expresses Concern on Pakistani Terror Groups
  • India Rescues 78 More people from Afghanistan Bringing the Total to 800
  • Make in India Efforts – India Hands Over First Batch of Multi-Mode Home Made Grenades to Indian Army
  • Consistent with the Monetization and Reinvestments Approach, Indian Railways to Monetize 1.125 Lakh Crores of Assets during the term FY22-25
  • Indian Mobile Phone Exports Grew 250% in the April – June Period to 4600Crores
  • India to Target and Expand Manufacturing Exports from USD$229Billion to USD$350-$380Billion over the next five years
  • India Vaccinates 594.552 million Doses, and 6.145 million for the day, as Active Cases dip to 319,351


  • S&P and NASDAQ Finish at record Highs ahead of Fed Summit
  • Oil Prices Snap Back on the back of Positive News of Demand Pick up including China
  • Economy could be helping from the Positive News on delta Variant


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