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Congress is immortal!

Congress's culture is nothing but nurturing small corrupt families who in turn control local fiefdoms reporting to the central family-controlled empire Once a mahout and...

Blaming Corona, Indian Express implements huge salary cuts

Preach one thing and do the exact opposite appears to have become the modus operandi of media houses. While zealously reporting the pains of...

Shame on you Shekhar Gupta for plagiarizing

India seems to be the place for the best of both the saints and the scoundrels.   Shekhar Gupta, the former editor of Indian Express...

Federation Of Southern States Is A Dangerous Idea

Shekhar Gupta would do well to reconsider his views on southern states taking into account what has been happening in different parts of the...

Did Intelligence agencies know what Indian Express would publish?

While Indian Express newspaper is a leader in investigative journalism by releasing several tapes, it is interesting to note that one of the Intelligence...


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