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#SwamyWins – nails Sasikala

The cartoon says it all.

OPS-Sasi drama

Another Deewaar moment? Sasikala: I have this, that and everything else. What do you have? OPS: I have Amma's spirit.

Amma can’t help OPS

Has a game of musical chairs begun in Tamil Nadu? Will OPS be back?

O Panneerselvam to be handling JJ’s portfolios

Some clarity has emerged in the swirling waters of Tamil Nadu politics, with a notification from Raj Bhavan (see the copy reproduced below) that...

My Letter Series – Dear Gandhiji, Nehru Was A Great Choice!...

Mr Gandhi, the current PM Narendra Modi, when slapped on one cheek, hits the slapper on both cheeks! A moment of silence for the two...
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