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India’s options on Maldivian imbroglio

India finds herself once again dragged into the Maldivian crisis exactly after 30 years The Maldives plunged into political crisis last week with the Supreme...

Global financial system must support Green growth:UN Gen Assy President

UN Gen Assembly President said global financial system must support green growth The global financial system has to support green growth; otherwise "it...

UN Security Council tries to build consensus

Initial focus of the UN Security Council reform negotiations appear to swerve towards points of agreement. To begin with, attention will be on a...

Nepal’s constitutional amendments welcomed by United Nations

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expects that with the positive development the border blockade may be eased, as UN welcomes Nepal’s constitutional amendments. On Tuesday, Ban’s Spokesperson...

UN Security Council endorses roadmap for Syria peace process

T he UN Security Council on Friday adopted a resolution endorsing an international roadmap for a Syrian-led political transition in order to end the...

India calls for Security Council action against terrorist outfits

India has called upon the UN Security Council to act decisively against the widening arc of terrorism that has struck Paris, Beirut and Syria...


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