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A few questions for O Panneerselvam

A few weeks back (On Jan 5th) we had asked 15 questions of Sasikala. Lest our readers conclude that OPS is pure as driven...

Sasikala v Panneerselvam – How will this end?

The political uncertainty in Tamil Nadu remained unresolved even as the State saw a rare sight of two leaders belonging to the same...

How democracy is getting degraded

Words retain their etymology for a long time. ‘Herd’ and ‘shepherd,’ when used as verbs, are such words. Their association with sheep and goats...

OPS-Sasi drama

Another Deewaar moment? Sasikala: I have this, that and everything else. What do you have? OPS: I have Amma's spirit.

Does EC ruling on Sasikala stop her from becoming CM?

Despite the fact that V K Sasikala has herded nearly 130 AIADMK MLAs and put them in a heavily fortified resort 90 km away...

Groundswell of support for OPS – too late for this term?

A groundswell of support for O Panneerselvam. That is what our team could see at 12:30AM on February 8, 2017 at his residence in...

Panneerselvam revolts: Too late?

A political tsunami by name Panneer has struck Tamil Nadu. After a meditation lasting for more than 30 minutes at the memorial of his...

Amma can’t help OPS

Has a game of musical chairs begun in Tamil Nadu? Will OPS be back?

CM’s chair is so near yet so far for Sasikala

Though it takes hardly 15 minutes to reach Raj Bhavan in Chennai from Veda Nilayam in Poes Garden, V K Sasikala, who was elected...

Rural Tamil Nadu celebrates Jallikkattu in style; Sasikala anoints self as...

Hundreds of native breed bulls took on thousands bull tamers across southern Tamil Nadu on Sunday as part of Jallikattu, the traditional rural sport...
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