The legend of Theeran Mayandi Servai

Born in the year 1904 3rd March Mayandi Servai, later got the title ‘Theeran Mayandi Servai’ dedicated his life to the freedom struggle of this country

Born in the year 1904 3rd March Mayandi Servai, later got the title ‘Theeran Mayandi Servai’ dedicated his life to the freedom struggle of this country
Born in the year 1904 3rd March Mayandi Servai, later got the title ‘Theeran Mayandi Servai’ dedicated his life to the freedom struggle of this country

Theeran Mayandi Servai did something no human being would imagine doing

The title ‘Theeran’ denotes the ‘Daring’ character. Freedom fighter and artist Mayanndi Servai was fearless and gave a tough time to the British administration during the year 1940.

Mayandi Servai wanted to do something big and unforgettable damage to the British raj.
He does not want to lose his life but wanted to do something worthwhile, which will be etched permanently in the history of the freedom fight of India, which will bring big disrespect to the administration.

A member of All India Hindu Mahasabha and also later becoming its President of that organization, Mayandi Servai decided to hoist the Indian national flag atop the Sri. Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple, that too on an appointed day, daring British police to arrest him if they could.

Accordingly, he announced a particular day as a ‘D-day the flag hoisting day’ and dared the British admin to prevent him from doing so. People around Madurai strongly believed that Mayandi Servai would some or other hoist the flag since they knew Mayandi Servai would do the impossible, such was his reputation in and around Madurai town.

This has become a big prestige issue for the British. If the Indian flag is allowed to be hoisted at a temple that too challenging on a particular day, it would be a big face loss for the Britishers. Hence, they issued a warrant to arrest Mayandi Servai.

Did Mayandi Servai manage to hoist the flag atop the temple Gopuram?

Read on further.

Mayandi Servai knew he would be arrested, and hence he planned his move very secretly.
10 days to go for the date of flag hoisting, the British administration positioned police patrol in and around the Meenakshi Amman temple and strictly watched and checked people’s movement. Every single person who went to the temple was personally checked whether Mayandi Servai is entering the temple in disguise.

One week has passed no sign of Servai. One day before ‘D’ day. Still no sign of Mayandi Servai. People started seeing the temple Gopuram every day to check whether a flag has been hoisted.

One day prior to the ‘Flag Hoisting day’ British openly ridiculed Mayandi Servai as a clown, buffoon, comedian, etc. They laughed out loud and teased people who come and see the temple top regularly for the Indian flag.

People of Madurai town also thought that Mayandi Servai just could not keep up his promise.

The ‘D day’ arrived. The morning was bright and the sun was shining gloriously. Suddenly there was a cry “Vande Mataram, Jaihind” and the Indian flag was hoisted at the northern side Gopuram of Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple and there stood courageous “Mayandi Thevar” who became “ Theeran Mayandi Servai.”

People who saw this scene charged up and started shouting “Vanda Mataram” and “Jaihind” continuously. The British police intelligence had totally failed to check Mayandi Servai.

How did he manage to do this?

Sensing he would be arrested close to the date of flag hoisting, Mayandi Servai ascended the north side of temple Gopuram 10 days prior to D-day. To survive for 10 days, he took a bag of peanuts and a vessel of water and settled at the top pier of the Gopuram surviving only with peanuts and water. The stock dwindled within a short span of time and he was left with no food or water to survive. He still persisted with his goal of hoisting the national flag.

One can survive without food for some time, but not without water. Servai did something no human being would imagine doing. To quell his thirst, he drank his urine and survived. On D-day, as planned he hoisted the flag.

Though he was tired and thirsty he managed to escape from the Gopuram and went into hiding. This may be a small act of defiance but it galvanized the people around Madurai to come into the fold of the ‘freedom struggle.’

Born in the year 1904 3rd March Mayandi Servai, later got the title ‘Theeran Mayandi Servai’ dedicated his life to the freedom struggle of this country. After independence, he started ‘Agamudaiyar Mahasaba’ in Thirumamgalam, Madurai, and did a lot of Social work.

He passed away on the day of 12th August 1992.

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